How do companies choose a CEO


Important skills as a CEO

As CEO, you ultimately have full responsibility for the company or organization that you lead. You should be characterized by a high level of commitment and assertiveness towards other managers. In order to help your business grow, it is often necessary to take risks and be strong in your decisions. Business expertise provides you with the basis for this. You have to assert leadership qualities towards your employees and demonstrate the ability to work in a team when working with other managers in your company. It is also important to be able to communicate in a goal-oriented manner depending on the situation and needs. The internationalization of the job market also requires a high degree of flexibility and the willingness to go on business trips, to meet with cooperation partners and to promote your company across national borders.

Important hard skills

Knowledge of business administration Expertise in the branch of the respective company

Important soft skills

Time managementCommunicativityCommitmentFlexibilityTeam abilityLeadership skillsAssertivenessRisk-takingReadiness to take responsibility

How do I become CEO?

A degree is a prerequisite for a career as a CEO. However, there is no patent recipe or even a predestined course of study. However, current studies show that most of the most successful CEOs in German-speaking countries have degrees in law and economics. There are also a particularly large number of Chief Executive Officers with a degree in a technical degree. If you work as a managing director, there are almost unlimited opportunities for further training. For all core competencies and all requirements that the job of a CEO entails, experts offer training courses, seminars, training courses and more. From leadership to finance to strategic negotiation and communication methods, everything is included here.

  • Completed studies as a prerequisite for your career
  • Different courses possible
  • Often: law and economics or technical courses

Future prospects as CEO

The position of CEO is not comparable to other jobs in which you use a professional title after training. Rather, as a managing director, you are very closely bound to your own company. On the one hand, you have a lot of freedom when it comes to setting the direction for your company. On the other hand, you are very dependent on their strategic and economic situation. Nevertheless, you can almost certainly count on a comparatively high salary. CEOs, along with other managers, are among the top earners worldwide.