All Republicans hate Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

US politics - Trump is digging deeper and deeper into the drawer - and no Republican wants to stop him

Trump is digging deeper and deeper into the drawer - and no Republican wants to stop him

The American President's verbal lapses are due to the election campaign. The same strategy worked perfectly in 2016.

He doesn't give up. On Tuesday, President Donald Trump repeated his verbal attacks against Democratic congressmen and insulted politicians on Twitter as “anti-American” and “pro-terrorist” extremists. He also wrote: «Our country is free, wonderful and very successful. If they hate our country or are not happy, then they can go! "

And although Trump did not mention any names, it is an open secret who he was targeting with this racist tirade: the four MPs Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York), Ilhan Omar (Minnesota), Rashida Tlaib (Michigan) and Ayanna Pressley (Massachusetts), who have drawn attention to themselves with pointed left-wing criticism of the Trump administration since their first election in November 2018.

All four belong to minorities and their skin is darker than the president's orange complexion; all four are US citizens, one of the requirements for election to the House of Representatives. Omar came to the US as a refugee from Somalia and was naturalized in 2000; the other three Democrats were born in America.

Targeted fomenting of fear

There are two reasons why the Republican is sticking to his attacks despite massive criticism - the House of Representatives debated a resolution condemning Trump's remarks as racist after going to press. First, always double Trump if he encounters resistance, even if he got lost. Even today, for example, the President defends his words of appreciation for the right-wing demonstrators in Charlottesville, Virginia, who roamed the streets of the university town almost two years ago shouting: "The Jews will not replace us."

More important, however, is the second reason: In the 2020 election campaign, given the persistently low approval ratings, the president is dependent on an opponent figure that he can point out whenever criticism of his character or his politics is voiced.

Three years ago, Democrat Hillary Clinton played this role; and it exceeded all expectations in the eyes of Trump and his allies. Now the president is having women parliamentarians like Ocasio-Cortez audition for this role, because he is of the opinion that the positions of the left activists in large parts of America are not majority.

Democrats are frowning too

Trump is probably right about that. Omar used anti-Semitic stereotypes to criticize pro-Israel circles. And Ocasio-Cortez ’environmental policy ideas, which, in the words of their chief of staff, aim to turn the entire economy upside down, arouse existential fears among many Americans - and therefore also meet with resistance from leading Democrats. But the President does not stop at objective criticism, because in his view this is not enough to mobilize his base.

He therefore plays on the person and claims that 29-year-old Ocasio-Cortez, whose parents are from Puerto Rico, and 36-year-old Omar, who always wears a headgear during their public appearances for religious reasons, are symbolic figures of the modern Democratic Party . In doing so, he stirs up reservations about the demographic change in America, which is particularly widespread among the white population in structurally conservative states - even if the USA is actually proud of being a country of immigration.

Hardly any Republican wants to stop Trump

This strategy will only work if Trump pours fresh fuel into the fire until election day in November 2020 - and thus signals to his supporters that he will not allow his words to be forbidden despite the criticism of his racist position references. Further taboos are therefore to be expected.

It is unclear whether Trump will be successful with this. His supporters like to refer to the 2016 election campaign, when the president was able to talk about the size of his penis without paying a price. Opponents say that the 2018 election campaign - when the entire House of Representatives and a third of the Senate were re-appointed - was the better yardstick, as Trump incited migrants last year without widespread payoff for his Republicans. The only thing that is clear is that there are almost no party friends left who want to stop the president.