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Sahaja Yoga (presents itself to the interested party as a meditation technique that "effortlessly", "naturally", "spontaneously" awakens the divine Kundalini power in the person through the purification of the chakras (the energy centers of tantric Kundalini Yoga) and achieves thoughtless awareness According to ex-members, those who connect more intensely with the movement slide into extreme guru worship and sect-like guru affiliation.

Sahaja Yoga is taught on the one hand as a follower of Shri Ramacandra (1899-1983), for whom the purification of the heart chakra was the most important concern, and on the other hand by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (born March 21, 1923), the energy ascending through the chakras, equated with the Holy Spirit. After God was present in the world as Father in Krishna at that time, afterwards as Son in Jesus, he is now in our time in Nirmala Devi as the Holy Spirit among us humans.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, who grew up in a respected Christian Protestant family, lived as a young girl in Gandhi's Ashram, and Gandhi is said to have sometimes sought spiritual advice from her. She then studied medicine and psychology and married a government official and senior UN official. In the early 1970s she appeared in the vicinity of Bhagwan - later Osho - Rajneesh. Osho disciples see her as a former Osho student. Shri Mataji suggests that Osho chased her in this and in a previous life. In a previous life she was Sita, Osho was the wild Ravana who abducted Sita. However you want to interpret this relationship between Shri Matahi and Osho, Shri Matahi repeatedly warned against Osho and his disciples in later years. After having probably already got to know Shaktipat, the mystical form of energy transmission, from Osho, she consciously dedicated herself to Kundalini Shakti - the divine energy that waits at the bottom of the spine to be awakened and then through the various energy centers of the body to ascend the chakras. SM also achieved healing abilities. The greatest spiritual event in this universe is said to have taken place as early as 1970, when Shri Mataji opened the top chakra (crown chakra) on a beach north of Mumbai (Bombay) and thus gave everyone the opportunity to use their Kundalini power in all its dynamics to experience and thus to experience their unity with the divine self. She describes this new possibility as self-realization, strived for by all religions, but only now achieved without effort through Sahaja Yoga. This effortless self-realization is her gift to humanity and at the same time the first encounter of man with reality, with his own divine self. Self-realization is effortless because on the one hand the divine mother (Shri Mataji) has reached the goal and opened the gate, and on the other hand because Shri Mataji also awakens the divine power in us. This divine Kundalini power or this Holy Spirit, once awakened, heals us and leads us beyond all our worries into endless happiness. But how can Kundalini awaken in our root chakra at the base of the spine and unfold freely in an ascending manner? Devotion to the Master and a kind of mystical freedom of thought lead to inner and outer success. Only this surrender and this freedom of thought jointly dissolve our own, unhappy and delusional ego and let our purity, innocence and our divine selves shine through.

Shri Mataji deserves total devotion and admiration in Sahaja Yoga. She was announced as a great master of Kundalini Yoga and healer by an Indian seer 2000 years ago. According to this prophecy, she would be able to heal people and give old people new youth through mere touch. Sahaja Yoga also sees Shri Mataji as hip in the Gospel of Joahnnesis. Everything that the New Testament says about the Holy Spirit, Sahaja Yoga understands at the same time as a statement about Kundalini and Shri Mataji. In Shri Mataji the spirit appeared, which according to Joh. 16,13 leads us into the full truth. No wonder that Sahaja Yoga values ​​Shri Mataji even more than Christ. Shri Mataji is considered to be the incarnation of Adi Shakti, the original divine power, i.e. the embodiment of the deity par excellence. Whatever is worshiped as God in other religions is bundled today in this one figure, the Shri Mataji. So on the festival for Krishna Shri Mataji is worshiped as Krishna. Shri Mataji is considered the highest god and creator in the world. Whatever came into contact with her becomes sacred (e.g. the water with which her feet were washed, or hair from her comb). Your picture deserves the greatest admiration. The disciples meditate daily in front of their picture, which is venerated with special rites. Even young children need to learn the meaning of this image. In the boarding schools for small children in India and Italy, to which the Sahaja Yoga parents entrust their children at an early age for months or years under the direction of Shri Mataji, children who scream in front of the picture of Shri Mataji are considered to be, according to a statement by Master occupied by demonic powers. Children should learn to love Shri Mataji above all else.

As a deity par excellence, Shri Mataji - according to ex-disciples - is always right. Everything she does, even if it seems cruel, she does out of love for her disciples. As a deity, she knows all people and what serves them. Shri Mataji therefore intervenes massively in the lives of her disciples. According to her divine instruction, disciples are often put in pairs by Shri Mataji and connected to one another in the marriage covenant. However, as ex-members report, some marriages thus arranged are also separated again afterwards on divine instruction. Shri Mataji knows what disciples need. Or to put it more critically: Shri Mataji plays fate, as it is due to a deity or better: the deity. Of course, Shri Mataji is also assigned numerous miracles (especially healings). It should also be able to cure cancer and AIDS. If she wants, according to her disciples, she can turn wars into peace. Pictures of Shri Mataji with strange light effects supposedly show the wonderful illumination of her divine power. The blowing of a cool wind is also considered a wonderful outward sign of victorious self-realization and awakened Kundalini power. Of course, she can also use this power against former disciples and critics. According to critics, she has already prophesied incurable diseases for those who leak. It is correspondingly difficult for trailers to break away from SY. In short - their omnipotence leads their followers into extreme dependency. If only one partner of a married couple belongs to Sahaja Yoga, then, according to critics, the dependence on Shri Mataji for the partnership often becomes a burden. Of course, no form of omnipotence accepts critical questions. Everything that does not fit into Shri Mataji's worldview seems to be demonized. Illnesses have already been declared a sign of demonic possession, as has homosexuality. Above all, however, criticism is an attack by the demonized outside world. Because criticism is simply blasphemous in the face of divinity. In this interpretation of one's own community as a divinely guided group and as a true religion and the critical outside world as negativity filled with demonic forces, Sahaja Yoga slides into a perspective that sometimes reduces the relationships of the individual member to the outside world to a minimum. In short - Sahaja Yoga looks at first sight as a school for natural yoga. What is hidden behind this school, however - thinks the critical observer - is only natural for those who are ready to sacrifice their own feelings and thoughts to an incarnated deity who knows better than himself what to feel and think and which leads him into a sect-like, spiritual counterworld - at a great distance from the unenlightened, critical rest of humanity.


Statistics: 50,000 members worldwide, several thousand of them in Europe. In addition to the aforementioned toddler homes in Italy and India, Shri Mataji founded a hospital and a cancer research center in Mumbai, a music school in Nagpur and a home for the homeless in Delhi. In all of these institutions, Sahaja Yoga should pervade everyday life.


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