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Arthur knows

HistoryFantasy, Friendship / P16 / Gen
Arthur PendragonGuinevere "Gwen" PendragonMerlinOC (Own Character)
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Welcome to my first serious fanfiction in five years!
I am originally writing this story in English and only translating it here, so some phrasing is a little different than I would normally write it in German. The premise of my story will hopefully become clear relatively quickly within the first few chapters, but if there are still questions about what is possible and what is not, I am always available. I will write a chapter for each episode and talk about Arthur's point of view, should you ever want to write a cape for your favorite episode, feel free to speak to me, I'm sure we can do something about it. ;-)

Reviews are always welcome, including the English version, which you can find on fanfiction.net under "Arthur knows" by boots-ff!
Or simply here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13333951/1/Arthur-knows
Finally the disclaimer follows, even if I play with the characters, stay as close to the series as possible and sometimes copy out individual sentences in the original, none of it is mine! The order came from NBC Universal and BBC One for Shine Limited! I'm just playing here ... and now have fun!
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