Something good has come from Facebook

"Advertising tracking is a good thing": Facebook defends its business model

Facebook primarily earns its money through targeted advertising. Ever since Apple and Google began to focus on this advertising tracking, the social media platform has been trying to correct its image.

Stories from real life

"Every business starts with an idea, and being able to play this idea with personalized advertising is a milestone for small businesses": The message that Facebook wants to convey with its newly published video is quickly clear. Without personalized advertising, the small businesses without a large budget would have had it even more difficult in recent months.

With this, the group is reacting, among other things, to the ongoing conflict with Apple. The current adaptation of the iPhone operating system is forcing app providers such as Facebook to obtain explicit permission from users for tracking, which is mainly used for advertising, across multiple apps or websites. As a result, Facebook fears massive slumps in the advertising business and is therefore preparing not only critical statements but also an antitrust lawsuit against Apple.

Good ideas are found

In the spot, the target group affected by the impending measures is pointed out several times and, among other things, those small business ideas that have been given their own website, such as goat yoga or Armenian coffee, are shown. Limiting personalized advertising would stutter the engine of these companies, so the tenor of the ad.

The statements are not new, as Facebook has repeatedly presented itself as a helping hand for smaller companies in the past, even if it is mainly large corporations that invest millions in advertising. In recent years, however, targeting has become almost too precise for some users, and the ongoing data protection discussion has contributed to the rest. The new "App Tracking Transparency" from Apple, which by the way now also wants to follow Google, is well received by users. More Facebook campaigns will probably follow in order to counteract this poor economic development for the US group. (aam, February 26th, 2021)