Are fast food eggs real?

Fitness Fast Food - Part 1: Scrambled Egg Buns

Doner kebab, burgers and pizza, bag soups, frozen lasagne and whatever else there is: fast food doesn't have a bad reputation for nothing. Most fast food dishes are not very nutritious and full of sugar and fat - so they are not suitable for a healthy sports diet.

But the dilemma is well known: often it has to be done quickly, and there is not always time for an elaborate meal. In such cases you can either drink a shake (for example this one), choke down a can of tuna or you can make one of the little dishes that we want to introduce to you in this series.

The recipes are healthy, tasty and ideal for bodybuilders and fitness athletes. Today it's about scrambled egg rolls.

Prepare the scrambled eggs

The preparation of scrambled eggs is an art in itself. Beginners just put a few eggs in the pan. Professionals beat the eggs into a measuring cup, stir them gently and dilute the egg mass with a sip of milk. This way the scrambled eggs don't get too dry. A pinch of salt also goes into the cup. If you are unsure about the quantities, refer to the table at the end of the article.

Then you tip the egg mixture into a heated pan. The temperature should not be too high, otherwise the scrambled eggs will dry out. Wild stirring makes the scrambled eggs crumbly. Instead, always use a wooden spoon to push the parts to the edge of the pan that are already bushed. When the scrambled eggs are ready, add a little pepper to your taste.

Scrambled Eggs Deluxe

Numerous other ingredients are conceivable to enhance the scrambled eggs. First of all chopped onions or spring onions, as well as herbs, mushrooms or chilli pods. Your creativity is required here. We want to highlight two variants:

Optional: low-fat ham (diced)

You can refine the scrambled eggs with low-fat ham cubes. You can find them in every supermarket now. Just put them in the pan just before the egg so they can pre-fry a little.

Optional: parmesan cheese (grated)

The scrambled eggs are also enhanced in taste if you add a good portion of Parmesan cheese to the measuring cup. You get the cheese in one piece or already grated in the bag.

Off to the bun

Many bakers cheat when it comes to wholemeal bread rolls: Whole wheat baked goods actually have to consist of at least 90 percent wholemeal flour or whole meal. In order to save money and to better meet the mass taste, however, this requirement is often not adhered to. Instead, the bakers use the less healthy white flour and color the rolls with, for example, sugar beet syrup or roasted malt, so that they get the dark color typical of whole grain products.

If you suspect that you shouldn't trust the baker you trust in this regard, then just ask at the bakery. In the case of unpackaged food, retailers must display an ingredient list in the store. They are obliged to provide you with information about the ingredients of the wholemeal rolls.

I split four eggs between two rolls - but it always depends on the size of the eggs and the rolls. It takes five minutes to prepare.

In the end, you have a dish with the following nutritional values:

2 whole wheat rolls11.4g3g61g308kcal
4 eggs30.8g26.4g1.2g369.6kcal
40ml low-fat milk1.4g0.6g1.7g18.8kcal
50g low-fat ham cubes12g1.5g0.5g63.5kcal

Good Appetite!

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