Why do so many people hate Trump

US elections 2020 up to date: Why so many Americans still vote for Donald Trump

Although he has not kept many of his bombastic promises for new jobs. Although he has been fueling tensions in the country for years with his lies and his racist remarks. America, as more than 700 economists wrote before the election, is no longer recognizable today. How can that be?

There is no simple explanation for the fascination of Trump in the American population, especially not for all those who look at America from a German or European perspective. However, these three reasons stand out.

1. Only one topic matters

American voters are good at focusing on one topic. Some vote on principle for the candidate who promises to cut taxes or at least not to increase them. It is important to others that the candidate is clearly against abortion and, above all, places judges with the same attitude in important positions.

Still for others it is important that their right to own guns is not restricted. Trump scored points on all three topics. He promised further tax cuts, appointed Conservative Constitutional Judge Amy Coney Barrett, and is clearly the candidate supported by Pro Gun activists. Again and again Trump had the opportunity to publicly reprimand radical and armed groups such as the Proud Boys. Again and again he deliberately refrained from doing it.

The overall picture of Trump is not important. The fact that Trump has permanently damaged transatlantic relations and America's reputation in the world is the focus of some voters, but certainly not all.

2. Trump makes you feel good

The US President loves the big stage, and his supporters love the feeling he gives them. Insulting, mocking, and laughing at his opponents, completely without a manuscript of speech, gives the Republican energy and makes his listeners feel understood and at peace with themselves.

The Democrats, on the other hand, have a reputation for being a party for intellectuals in rural Pennsylvania and the Midwest. The “green jobs” that Biden promises have a rather daunting and vague effect on many. The change that the democrat insists on is difficult to achieve and involves many upheavals.

At this moment, Donald Trump prematurely declares himself the election winner

Trump, on the other hand, promises that his supporters don't have to change. It is actually the Democrats who historically unite the unions behind them, who fight for a stronger social network and for redistribution, which would actually benefit many Trump voters.

The truth often falls by the wayside with Trump. But he has always managed to keep his followers engaged and to convince them of his version of things. “Make America great again” is a captivating vision. Even in the middle of a pandemic and an economic crisis.

3. The fear of the radical left

Trump's Republicans have deliberately created a horrific picture in recent months. Biden wants to abolish the suburbs, for example, was rumored at the party congress, at which a married couple was celebrated who aimed guns at the demonstrators during demonstrations from their own front yard. "Anarchy" would also rule among the Democrats, recently emphasized Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler from Georgia.

The party's left wing would overrun Biden and turn the US into a socialist state, according to regular emails that Trump's campaign team sends to his supporters. Arms purchases in the USA have picked up significantly since the beginning of the pandemic.

Since the looting on the sidelines of the “Black Lives Matter” demonstrations, gun buyers have repeatedly mentioned the fear that their own house could be looted and that they would therefore have to defend themselves. That plays into Trump's hands. No matter how the election ends in the end, Trump has shown once again that neither he nor his voters should be underestimated.

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