Why is PDC important

Parking aid defective? Symptoms, repairs and costs explained simply and briefly!

The most important things at a glance
  • Parking aids support the parking process with optical and / or acoustic signals. To be Ultrasonic sensors built into the car's bumperswhose data is processed by a control unit. Depending on the version, 4 or 6 sensors are installed at the front and rear.
  • Numerous vehicle manufacturers have developed their own names for their respective systems. Well-known here are, for example, the “ParkPilot” from VW, the “PDC” from BMW or the “PARKTRONIC” from Mercedes. However, the core functionality is essentially the same.
  • More information about the Repair and the costs incurred in the event of a defect, you will find out in the following guide!

Symptoms / signs of a defective parking aid

  • When engaging reverse gear and / or manually activating the parking aid comes for A continuous tone for 2-3 seconds and the parking aid does not work.
  • The Parking aid only works sporadically.
  • Message in the error memory such as "Problem parking aid sensor, rear left".
Tips for buying a used car
Be sure to watch out for these symptoms when buying a used car. Here it is important to really test the parking aid and not just to check whether it is activated.
A must for anyone who wants to understand their car

Did you know that all modern cars (built around 2003 or later) have a very comprehensive fault memory that you can read out yourself? You can find suitable devices at Amazon *, for example.

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Causes of a defective parking aid

There can be various causes for a parking aid that does not work. So it can be

  • damage to the wiring harness / wiring harness
  • one or more defective sensors
  • a defective control unit or
  • trade a defective fuse.

By the way: The repair should always take place in a specialist workshop, as a professional diagnostic tester is required for a complete error diagnosis.

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Procedure for repairing a defective parking aid

Exactly how a repair works depends on the underlying cause.

Is the cause of the problem just one defective fuse, it can be replaced with little effort.

Is it a A defective cable or a defective plug can also be repaired. In this case, however, the diagnosis can be complex, because it is often difficult to determine at which point in the wiring harness there is a defect. In addition, this can require the dismantling of various components.

Defective sensors are replaced with new parts. Depending on the current value of the vehicle, used auto parts can also make sense here. In any case, these should be checked for possible damage such as cracks.

Which sensor is defective is usually reliably determined using a diagnostic tester. In order to replace the affected sensor, it is usually only necessary to dismantle the respective bumper and simply replace the defective sensor. The plug of the sensor should always be checked for damage and corrosion.

By the way: After the change, it is necessary for some vehicles to recalibrate certain assistance systems.

Defective control units are either replaced directly or checked and repaired by a specialist.

Parking aid repair costs

The total cost will vary depending on the cause of the problem and the vehicle model.

If a sensor has to be replaced, material costs of around 60 to 100 euros can be expected. Well-known manufacturers of spare parts are VALEO, Bosch and Metzger.

In addition, there are usually the costs for painting in the vehicle color. This results in additional costs of around 20 to 40 euros.

The time required for an exchange varies depending on the construction of the vehicle. Roughly, you can expect an effort of between 10 minutes and an hour. In extreme cases, the change can take up to 2 hours. Based on an hourly rate of 80 euros, the labor costs are between around 15 and 80 euros.

In total, the total costs for replacing a sensor are around 75 to 220 euros.

Is the problem causing a defective fuse, the change including diagnosis usually only costs a few euros.

If the wiring harness or control unit is damaged, the costs can vary greatly. In these cases, especially with older vehicles, it can be more worthwhile to have a simple retrofit kit installed instead of a repair. For example, the following sentence from Amazon * is suitable here.

TIP: Do not drive to a workshop before you have determined the current value of your vehicle. So you always know in advance exactly the cost up to which a repair is still worthwhile!

Simply use the following form from wirkaufendeinauto.de (100% free and non-binding).

Known series with problems around the parking aid

  • Passat B6 (Type 3c) - Chrome coating on the front sensors is coming off
Always pay attention to the surroundings when maneuvering. A faulty parking system can cause you to collide with an obstacle. The question of guilt then rests solely with you. Roadside vegetation (tall grass, bushes, fence borders), but also heavily soiled sensors or a wet road, often lead to implausible signals. If in doubt, make sure to stop the vehicle to check.

With retrofitted trailer hitches, the reversing aid emits a continuous tone if it has not been deactivated manually. The reason for this is the trailer itself, which is located close behind the vehicle and represents an obstacle. No maneuvering aid is available after deactivation!

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