What's your opinion on cardboard cutouts

xQc sees a cardboard cutout every time he sees Pokimane

Twitch is currently hosting the Pocgachmp 3 Chess Championship. Many popular streamers attend the event along with GM Hikaru. However, the highlight of the event has to be two of the biggest Twitch streamers: xQc and Pokimane. The duo had been the face of the event in the weeks leading up to the event.

A conversation between the two of them during the event left many people in divisions. xQc talked about how he feels every time he watches Poki while streaming. His description of Poki's facecam was hilarious.

According to xQc, Pokimane looks like all of those thumbnails or cardboard cutouts. He feels that it's because of her quiet demeanor and how she barely moves in her facecam.

“For some reason, every time I see Pokimane I feel like I'm looking at a cardboard clipping, right? Or like a video thumbnail or a GIF. "

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Pokimane trolls xQc after his comments on their facecam

Of course, the first reaction Pokimane had to xQc's comment exploded into laughter. However, when she managed to pull herself together, she made a snappy comeback for xQc.

"Maybe it's because you've seen me on lots of thumbnails or cardboard clippings."

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - DECEMBER 6: Pokimane attends the Game Awards 2018 - Arrivals at the Microsoft Theater on December 6, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Leon Bennett / WireImage)

This certainly makes xQc scary, and Pokimane got one over the French-Canadian streamer. He surely had to make it clear that this wasn't the situation to preserve his image in front of thousands of fans. He seemed a little awkward after Poki's response, but rebounded after a moment to himself.

Pokimane's rationale for xQc's comments was that he spends a lot of time with fellow streamer Greek. xQc seemed to agree with Poki's observation as they both laughed at the chat.

It appears the duo spat on their OTV Rust server, which was probably why Poki stopped rebooting. However, it is amazing to see the duo be friends again as their fans love all of the content they provided during the ongoing Pogchamps 3 event.

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