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Become a top rival in the Star Wars ™ Battlefront ™ II Hero Showdown

Today we're giving you some insider tips to help you improve at Hero Showdown. If you've played this turn-based elimination mode before, you know it's about using your wits, tactics, and your favorite heroes and villains in two-on-two battles.

So that you are on the winning side at Hero Showdown, we have put together five pieces of advice that should improve your chances.

Master the rules of Hero Showdown

The rules of Hero Showdown are simple. You play as a hero of the dark or light side in a team of two. To win a round, you have to defeat the two heroes on the opposing side. The team that wins three rounds first takes all the glory. That is the basic idea.

Please note, however, that once you have won a round, you cannot play the next with the same hero. This is more important than it looks at first, but we'll come back to that in a moment.

Play the heroes you feel comfortable with

Everyone has been among the heroes and villains of Starwars his favorites. That's just the way it is. If this is your first time playing Hero Showdown, you are likely tempted to play your favorite. And as a beginner you should do that too!

You do best when you are comfortable with the hero, and if your teammate came out on top in choosing a winning round, that hero will no longer be available for the remainder of the game.

Our advice for beginners is therefore to make an internal list of three favorite heroes and play them as often as possible.

Communicate and stay with your partner

It sounds obvious, but staying together and communicating are actually the keys to success in Hero Showdown. This allows you to better coordinate skills, call for help and not get separated from your partner. Heroes also need teamwork to be victorious!

We also recommend using the voice chat function of the platform you are playing on. Hero Showdown is really the perfect game mode for playing with a friend.

Make your hero selection strategically

As mentioned earlier, the steadily shrinking selection of heroes is one aspect of Hero Showdown that you need to consider. Once you get used to the mode and play different heroes, you can make a real plan out of it.

When working out your strategy, you should ask yourself a few questions: Which heroes are likely to be chosen by the opponent, and how can I best counter them? Should I start with my strongest hero to lie in front or save him for later to close the sack? Are we a mobile team, a stationary team or a mixture of both? Does my ally play a ranged or melee hero, and how do we complement each other? Can we combine our respective skills into powerful combo attacks?

Experienced players gain an edge over the competition by asking such questions. Reading more about the heroes and their abilities can give you a good idea of ​​which heroes go well with each other.

Consider the endurance metagame

As part of the Hero Star Hunter Update *, we've changed the way stamina works for heroes with lightsabers. Each lightsaber user now has a unique behavior when it comes to blocking and attacking, and that in turn adds an interesting metagame level to Hero Showdown. Extensive knowledge of the individual heroes will pay off!

The new system is continuously adapted on the basis of community feedback. You can find more about this topic and the heroes in our current interview with Guillaume Mroz, the hero designer of Starwars Battlefront II.

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