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Julie Christie

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The daughter of a tea plantation owner in India was the golden girl of the "Swinging Sixties" in England, who perfectly embodied the sexual permissiveness of this era. Christie John Schlesinger, who temporarily worked as a model, caught the eye with her extraordinarily suggestive look and her bitter erotic charisma. This led Christie, who was already the best young actress for “Beloved Spinner”, to success in “Darling”, in which she played a career-hungry photo model, and to the Oscar for best leading actress. With that she was ripe for a career as a star and wrote herself in film history as Lara in "Doktor Schiwago". Major films of the years included "The Lady of Thornhill" and "Fahrenheit 451" in which she appeared in a dual role.

The highlights of her filmmaking are the beautiful and lazy country nobility in Joseph Losey's masterpiece “The Mediator” (1971), the Englishwoman who declines to the mysteries of Venice in “When the Gondolas Bear Mourning” (1973), in which she and Donald Sutherland make one of the most sensual love scenes of the Film history played, and the brothel owner who succumbed to opium in Robert Altman's western "McCabe & Mrs. Miller" (1971).

At times, the consciously scarce Christie withdrew from film to run a farm in Wales. Her seven-year liaison with Warren Beatty, at whose side she was the enduring lover in "Shampoo", made headlines. Christie later campaigned for environmental protection, appeared in feminist productions ("The Gold Diggers"), under James Ivory ("Heat and Dust"), in Argentine films ("The Passions of Miss Mary"), in the German TV Multi-part series “Fathers and Sons”, as Hamlet's mother in Kenneth Branagh's “Hamlet” and as an out-of-fashion, unhappily married starlet in Alan Rudolph's love dance “Love Whispers”.

After several years in which Christie could only be seen in independent productions - if at all - she found her way back to the big screen with a cameo as Madame Rosmerta in Alfonso Cuarón's "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban". Further supporting roles followed as Achilles ‘mother Thetis in Wolfgang Petersen's“ Troja ”and as a resolute grandmother in Marc Forster's fairytale“ When dreams learn to fly ”. In 2007, Christie starred in Sarah Polley's compelling study of an Alzheimer's disease woman, "By Her Side."

Julie Christie received the CineMerit Award during the Munich Film Festival.

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