What's the best ethical hacking book

The ethical principles of hacking - motivation and limits:

  • Access to computers and anything that can show you how this world works should be unlimited and complete.
  • All information must be free.
  • Suspicious authorities - encourage decentralization.
  • Judge a hacker by what he does and not by the usual criteria like appearance, age, origin, species, gender, or social position.
  • You can create art and beauty with a computer.
  • Computers can change your life for the better.
  • Don't litter other people's data.
  • Use public data, protect private data.

The hacker ethic is only defined uniformly to a limited extent. There is an original version from the book "Hackers" by Steven Levy (ISBN 0-440-13405-6). It is undisputed that the original version comes from the MIT Railroad Club (Tech Model Railroad Club) and therefore comes from a time when a relatively large number of people had to share a few computers and corresponding considerations about how to deal with each other and the subject matter made sense.

The last two points are additions to the CCC from the 1980s. After some more or less crazy people from the hacker scene or from the surrounding area came up with the idea of ​​offering their "hack know-how" to the KGB, there were heated discussions because secret services stand contrary to the promotion of free information. But interventions in the systems of external operators were increasingly recognized as counterproductive.

In order to combine the protection of the private sphere of the individual with the promotion of freedom of information for information that affects the public, the last point so far has been added.

The hacker ethics is - just like the rest of the world - in this respect in constant further development and discussion. Of course, everyone who can basically get used to this hacker ethic is allowed to think along. Until then, the above Rules as a basis for discussion and orientation.

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