The medical field is tough

Specialist and specialist training

Dear Colleagues!

Our clinic offers the following training opportunities in accordance with the 2004 training regulations:

  • Internal medicine - inpatient basic training (together with the Clinic and Polyclinic for Internal Medicine I, Prof. Dr. Martina Müller-Schilling and the Clinic and Polyclinic for Internal Medicine II, Prof. Dr. Lars Maier)
  • Specialist and focus on internal medicine as well as hematology and oncology
  • Additional training in hemostaseology
  • Additional training in palliative medicine

The following doctors at our clinic are authorized to train:

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Mr.
Authorized to train in internal medicine and hematology and oncology (full)
PD Dr. Christina Hart
Authorized to train in haemostaseology (12 months)
Dr. Michael Rechenmacher
Authorized training for palliative medicine (12 months, full)


Our clinic is always interested in committed medical and / or scientific employees. We look forward to newcomers and experienced professionals alike. In a highly interesting field of work, we offer you structured induction and excellent development and training opportunities.
Do you want to strengthen our team? We look forward to receiving your application!

For speculative applications, please contact the secretariat of the senior staff physician Prof. Dr. Matthias Edinger up.
(Secretariat: Karin Meissner Tel .: 0941 944-5582)