How to scratch curly hair

Curly hair? You should try these 3 hairbrushes

Curly hair? You should try these 3 hairbrushes

There is no such thing as the perfect hairbrush for curly hair. Every head of curls is different. But here we introduce many different brushes and combs!

No hair structure is as versatile as curly hair. From waves to curls, curls show up differently around the world, and that's what makes them so special. There is no one-size-fits-all hairbrush for all types of curls, as some are small and frizzy, while others can be wrapped around the finger so loosely that they look as if the wearer has just styled them with a curling iron. If you already know your curls well and what they need, you will find the perfect hairbrush for your type of curls here.

Editor's favorite: Denman Brush

Our editor Kristina knows a lot about curls and has already found her favorite for her mane. "My curls look best when I work in my hair treatment with a brush in the last step and then don't comb them until the next wash. This is suitable Denman Brush for about 12 euros best, because it is made entirely of rubber and is super flexible, so that the hair is not damaged when it is wet. It is also a great help when straightening, and if it needs to be cleaned, the brush pad can simply be pushed out and the bristles loosened. "

Perfect for fine hair and curls: Wet Brush

With curly and very fine hair, it is important that we do not break it off when it is wet. Extreme caution is required for this and a sensitive hairbrush that is suitable for wet hair. For towel-dried hair like this, this is the Wet brush for about 15 euros best for. Thanks to it, the hair can be gently detangled without straining it.

For great curls: Antistatic hairbrush with wild boar bristles

For daily brushing, a soft and natural hairbrush with wild boar bristles is best. The Wild boar bristle hairbrush from FaSop. for about 17 euros doesn't scratch through the curls so hard that they pull them out and destroy the shape. Instead, it gently glides through your hair, keeping it shiny and voluminous.

You should pay attention to this when buying a hairbrush for curls

The bristle density

The density of the bristles is very important with curly hair, because when styling or blow-drying it needs a certain grip to grip the hair. When untangling, it is important that the bristles are flexible and soft so as not to destroy the shape of the curls.

The weight

The heavier the brush, the more force it takes to move it through the hair. Lightweight brushes are perfect for quick untangling and styling. No muscles are needed here. In general, be careful not to buy thin or cheap hairbrushes. They will do more harm than good to your hair.

The size

A small brush is perfect for thick, tight curls. It also helps brush your hair in sections. A larger brush or elongated comb is ideal for fine to medium hair with curls. But as always, nothing beats trying it out. The brush that is most comfortable for you and that gives you the most beautiful results is the one that is best for you.

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