Do drawing tablets work with iPads

Common questions about graphics tablets

Buy a graphics tablet with or without a display?

The question of a graphics tablet with or without a display can be answered using three points. The first thing to consider is the budget available. A graphics tablet with a display currently costs around 700 euros upwards. Second, the purpose of the graphics tablet plays an important role. A tablet without a display is sufficient for simple work. However, if elaborate drawings are to be created digitally, a graphics tablet with a display can be quite useful. The available space can serve as a third criterion. If there is not much space on your desk for a drawing tablet, you should opt for a smaller version without a display.

How much does a good graphics tablet cost?

There is no general answer to this question. You can get our price-performance winner for less than € 100. This already knows a very good quality. However, you have to plan a lot more budget for graphics tablets with a display. If you want to use it on a professional basis, it is definitely worth testing the device in advance and investing in a slightly more expensive model.

How big should a graphics tablet be?

There are a few criteria to consider when choosing the right size. However, if space and wallet allow it, we tend to always recommend a slightly larger model, as these can be used more precisely.

Where is the best place to buy my graphics tablet?

You can buy graphics tablets either from a local store or online. The advantage of an offline purchase is the possibility to see the tablet “live” - this may give you a better feeling for the right size. User reviews and numerous price comparisons are available online for this purpose.

What is the best graphics tablet manufacturer?

There are currently a few better-known graphics tablet manufacturers. Wacom is at the forefront of this. The Japanese manufacturer stands for very good quality, but the products are correspondingly expensive. In the meantime, Wacom also offers graphics tablets to beginners at low prices. As a rule, it is worth investing in a more expensive product so that you have something from your drawing tablet for a long time.

What software do I need for a graphics tablet?

As a basis, you should install the drivers supplied, which are usually supplied with your product. The tray is then ready for use. In order to fully exploit the potential, image processing programs (e.g. Adobe Photoshop) and handwriting recognition software are suitable, for example. Otherwise, graphics tablets work like a mouse and can also be used for conventional office applications.

What requirements does my computer have to meet?

The first thing you need to do is connect the graphics tablet to your computer. This is usually done via USB, but wireless connection via WLAN is also possible with some models. For graphics tablets with a display, it is also necessary to connect it to the graphics card. To find out which operating system is required for use, you should find out more on the product packaging, the manufacturer's website or the online shop. In addition to the operating system, the processor often also plays a role. Some products state that an Intel processor is recommended (especially with MAC).

How do I learn to use a graphics tablet?

Practice makes perfect - the graphics tablet can be used in a similar way to pen and paper, but using it is a matter of getting used to. Use the graphics tablet as often as possible - even for work that you normally do with the mouse. You will get used to the new tool very quickly. You can also watch tutorials, for example on YouTube, to get additional tips.

Are there spare parts for graphics tablets?

The pens or pens used in graphics tablets show the greatest wear. Especially the tip should be changed here after a while. The graphics tablets in our test come with replacement tips for most models. Other spare parts can usually be obtained from the manufacturer.

Can I use my iPad as a graphics tablet?

In principle, an iPad can be used as a drawing tablet, even if additional software or apps may be required for this. The point here is questionable, however - after all, tablet PCs are not as suitable for this purpose as graphics tablets. Not only is the screen significantly smaller, the technical conditions are also different. Owners of iPads should therefore first use free apps or trial versions to check whether the result is satisfactory and then decide whether or not to buy a graphics tablet.

How do I care for / clean my graphics tablet?

Graphics tablets with displays in particular should be maintained and cleaned regularly. This is the best way to avoid scratches on the display. Avoid aggressive cleaning agents that can attack the surface.

Are there graphics tablets for on the go?

Yes, there are now also graphics tablet models that can be used very well on the go. One example is the Cintiq Companion range from Wacom.