How many people are needed in NGOs

1.1 How do I register for MUNBB?

In order to register for MUNBB, you first need a user profile, which you can create here. If you have already created a user profile for one of our partner conferences MUN-SH or MUNBW, you can also use this to register for MUNBB. As soon as you have created a user profile and are logged in, you can participate in the area! start your conference registration in spring 2021.

At MUNBB you can participate as a delegate of a state, a representative in a non-governmental organization (NGO) or as a member of the conference press. Registration for states and NGOs takes place as a group of at least two people. In your group, you appoint a person to head the delegation, who creates your delegation and invites the other members to join the delegation. Fill out the online form together and complete your registration. You register individually for the conference press and do not have to appoint a delegation leader before you fill out the online form and complete your application.

This overview shows which states and NGOs are being simulated with how many delegates and representatives at the conference and what the distribution to the various bodies looks like.

1.2 What is the difference between the state, NGO and press?

When registering, you can choose between participating as a delegate of a state, representative in an NGO or as a member of the conference press. The states work out resolutions on specific topics in fixedly composed bodies and have a right to vote. The NGOs try to influence the design of the resolutions and to draw general attention to grievances in the world. They do not have voting rights, but can instead freely switch between the committees and express their views on all topics of the conference. In addition to speeches, there are also publicity campaigns available for this purpose. The conference press provides information about the course of the conference and important events in a daily newspaper and as part of a news program. A comprehensive description of the various roles that you can assume at MUNBB can be found here.

1.3 Until when can I register?

Registration for MUNBB 2021 starts in spring 2021. You can apply to represent a state or an NGO and to participate as a journalist until the end of the registration phase. After the states, NGOs and places for journalists have been allocated by the participant support, taking into account all applications received up to that point, there will be a second registration phase for all applications that have not been considered up to that point.

Did you only hear from MUNBB after the registration phase and still want to participate? Please contact the participant support at [email protected], who will surely find a place for you at the conference.

1.4 How old do I have to be to participate in MUNBB?

Our target group are young people between the ages of 15 and 21, but other interested parties are not excluded from the outset. If you are unsure, simply contact the participant support at [email protected]

1.5 How does the selection process work? Can my application be rejected?

At the end of the first registration phase, the participant support evaluates all applications received and assigns them to countries, NGOs and places in the conference press. A convincing application increases the chances of getting the favored state or NGO. Due to the large number of applications to individual countries or NGOs, applications may not be considered. However, that does not mean that your application failed. The participant support will be happy to make you an alternative proposal and will ensure that you can continue to participate in MUNBB.

If there are many more applications than places, we will try to increase the number of participants and add new countries and NGOs. Experience has shown that there are usually some places available shortly before the start of the conference that can be filled by people on the waiting list.

1.6 Can I also register as an individual to represent a state or an NGO?

Registration as a delegate of a state or representative in an NGO takes place as a group registration, for which there must be at least two of you. If you don't know anyone who would like to register for MUNBB together with you, please contact the participant support at [email protected], who will be happy to put you in touch with other interested individual applicants. We will find a place for you!

1.7 Why do you need a delegation leader?

The head of the delegation is our primary contact person for the respective delegation. We contact them if a member of the delegation cannot be reached or the delegation has not yet (fully) completed tasks. In addition, the delegation management initiates the online registration, collects the written registration documents and the participation fee from all delegation members and sends or transfers both of them for the entire delegation to the participant support. During the conference and the preparation of the content, the head of the delegation should coordinate a joint approach as far as possible. A delegation leader can also create and supervise several delegations, which is particularly useful for accompanying teachers.

1.8 Why are there general terms and conditions for the participants?

The general terms and conditions for MUNBB participants are a legal safeguard for both parties in order to avoid problems or misunderstandings. We hope, in the interests of everyone involved, that there will be no situations in which the consequences stated in the terms and conditions have to be drawn. However, it is important for us to have legal certainty in case of doubt, which is why all participants must accept the terms and conditions by signing the registration.

1.9 What options do I have as a teacher at MUNBB?

As a teacher, you can also take part in MUNBB, help your students prepare for the conference and incorporate the United Nations into your political lessons in advance. When registering, you have the option of creating as many delegations as you like, in which you act as delegation leader and supervisor and to which you can invite your students.

Many teachers prepare for the conference with their school classes as part of a political class or a work group. We offer you the opportunity to come to your school at a date of your choice as part of our United Nations educational module and hold a workshop with your group including a mini business game. This will familiarize your students with the United Nations on the one hand and with the course of the debates at the conference on the other.