Holi powder is washed off

Keep holi powder on clothes

I'm pretty much at the end of my wisdom. About a month ago I got my laundry from the Siemens washing machine I bought this year, but it felt terribly rough. When I put them on, my hands were covered in very fine powder and it itched all over the place. Detergent residue, I suspect. Since then, every wash looks like this, I've done all the washes, all the laundry in my house, three different detergents (liquid and powder), no change in sight. A complete cleaning of the machine did not help either.

But now it comes: when I took the laundry to my friends a few houses down to wash it there, I got the same result. I don't know if the stuff has built up so stubbornly that one wash is not enough to loosen it, but in my machine even 5 more washes without detergent did nothing.

On the internet I came across a case of a woman who described 1: 1 what was happening to me, but she did not get an answer to her problem either.

Is there anyone here who has had the same problem and knows what to do?

The following was tried: cleaning the machine, changing the machine, changing the detergent, reducing the dosage, overloading or underloading the machine, delicates, coloreds and whites.