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33 psychological tricks everyone should know

Are you wondering how you can immediately gain the trust of strangers, appear more competent, become more creative and productive, get more salary or simply get what you want? Then be sure to do the following 33 psychological tricks get to know and apply. Because professional (and private) success - that is at most ten percent performance, but all the more psychology, sociology, strategy and a dash of travesty. Henry Ford, founder of the automaker of the same name, already knew this, and was convinced that success consists solely in having exactly those skills that are in demand at the moment ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Always on autopilot

We humans are just like that: Manipulable down to the tips of our hair, often remote-controlled or completely open Autopilot. For example, when we just yawn along as soon as we see a colleague doing it; when we wash our hands whenever we make a difficult decision (or feel guilty about it); or when we think we are hearing things that are no longer there.

Certainly, such bizarre chains of effects can still be dismissed as semi-scientific nonsense. In fact, however, we encounter numerous in everyday life Thought traps and psychological effects that determine our actions more than we suspect.

The 33 bizarre psychological tricks can be found in the list below. The built-in links take you to the extensive articles in the Career Bible that describe the tricks and scientific sources in more detail ...

Everyone should know these psycho effects

  1. Set goals for yourself! Determination, extends life by several years - regardless of what goals one has and how disciplined he or she pursues them
  2. Like you very easily gain trust? Apologize for things you can't do anything about, like bad weather.
  3. Maintain at least one hobby. The more you get involved in your hobbies, the more creative and productive you will be in your job - by up to 30 percent.
  4. Rant and really let off steam is better than many think: it improves team spirit, relieves pain and makes you creative. Some seem even more competent.
  5. When you are with someone negotiate, make sure that the person opposite is sitting softly - then you will also get concessions more easily.
  6. When you are strangers to get to know, if you absolutely find them sympathetic, then you will become more sympathetic yourself. Social psychologists also call the effect acceptance response.
  7. smile You more often - and you immediately get in a better mood yourself. What's more, optimism even leads to higher incomes.
  8. If you learn something new, you should laugh in between: Laugh improves memory, as several studies show.
  9. You want that Win negotiation? Bring something to eat!
  10. Learn to breathe deeper. Correct breathing can lower blood pressure and even activate the immune system.
  11. Perform regularly Self-talk. These reduce stress, make you more creative and help solve problems smarter - but only if you speak to yourself in the third person.
  12. Successful Networks goes like this: Find contact with people who are pursuing goals similar to yours - and people who are already where you want to be.
  13. Allow 15 minutes after work every day self reflection and take notes - and your performance will improve by 22.8 percent.
  14. Get your ideas moving and walk more often to stroll! Those who exercise regularly not only stay fit, but also smart and get twice as many ideas. By the way, the best time to be creative is when you are still tired.
  15. If you are a man: get one beard to grow! Beards make men appear more personable and intelligent.
  16. The next time you face an important decision and want to meet them more rationally than emotionally - dim the light. In the dark we make more rational decisions.
  17. In case you have waiters and the Tip are instructed: smile, touch the guest briefly on the shoulder and address them by name. Already there is up to 140% more tips.
  18. Do your most important tasks on Tuesday. It's the most productive day of the week for many.
  19. Point to your Profile pictures on the Internet Teeth and wear formal clothes. These photos go down best with others.
  20. Treat yourself more Daydreams. They make you more creative and it is easier for you to identify problems early on and to solve them.
  21. The ability to waive gratuities, or rather postponement, is not just an indication of strong characters - gratitudeprotects against costly temptations.
  22. If you would like an honest assessment from someone, ask them to provide the Hand on heart to lay: The gesture actually makes you more honest.
  23. With the right ear we better listen - to what someone else asks us to do. So if you want to ask someone else a favor - advice, a drink, a phone number, for example - be sure to speak into the person's right ear. It improves your chances tremendously.
  24. The Learning success occurs faster if you take small breaks in between. Preferably on a regular basis.
  25. you want to more salary negotiate? Then make the opening bid and name a number that is as crooked as possible.
  26. Show courage at one point in the dress code Nonconformity. Because if you step out of line, you immediately enjoy a higher status. Especially in the job interview.
  27. If you have stress at work - talk You with others about it! As soon as we name something depressing and discuss it with others, the brain is activated much more strongly than when we brood over the grief alone. This in turn means that the negative emotions subside more quickly and are processed more quickly and better.
  28. When we ask someone to give us one Like to do, we become more sympathetic to him. In psychology this is known as the Benjamin Franklin Effect.
  29. To chew bubble gum accelerates our cognitive abilities, according to a Japanese study. Or, to put it casually: Whoever chews gum thinks and remembers things faster.
  30. A handshake usually takes three to four seconds. And yet: people with warm hands behave more benevolently towards their fellow human beings than those with cold hands. The trick: offer your counterpart a cup with a hot drink.
  31. Every day coffee Drinking is not only healthy: 200 milligrams of caffeine a day increases the ability to think.
  32. Red walls ensure that you eat more. But we stay longer in blue rooms.
  33. People generally tend to here and there lying. But this is exactly where the weirdest form of love for truth reveals itself: Whoever admits to be a notorious liar is really it - and vice versa.

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In turn, many more detailed articles are linked to the individual thought traps and perceptual errors. Ultimately, the bestseller emerged from these lists: “I think, so I'm crazy” (dtv). The book has sold more than 50,000 copies and has been translated into several languages ​​(including Russian and Turkish).

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