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While Drake storms the charts in 2016 and many of the musical tastes of the 2010s are slowly but surely being forgotten, two musicians on the Mississippi who are not yet ready to break with dubstep and deathcore are simmering their very own soup.

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Producer Dylan Brady and singer / songwriter Laura Les first met at a house party in 2012, but it took three years for them to go to the studio together. In 2015, in the freezing winter of Missouri, the two recorded music together for the first time under the ominous name 100 gecs. As inspiration for the strange band name, the two give numerous answers over the following years.

Starting with a failed gecko order, in which Laura receives 100 instead of one, to graffiti in her dormitory to the simple "It came to us in a dream": It quickly becomes clear that the duo not only does not want to reveal the origin of the name, but also chases its entire image through a fat irony filter shaped by the Internet.

They describe their sound as Funcore, Pop, Electronic Banger Music, Comedy Music or Hexcore, among other things. As forcedly crazy and edgy as that may sound, in the end it is actually difficult to sum up your music with a single catchphrase. Influences from metal, pop, electronic and the meme culture of the internet merge the duo into a completely unique, over-the-top genre potpourri that surprisingly stands alone on its own.

The two acts like 3OH! 3, Playboi Carti, Breathe Carolina or even Cannibal Corpse name direct musical role models. Which of these is really true in the end, and what trolling is in the context of their brand, probably only the two know themselves. You can find almost every single one of the named in their music. From nightcore to pop-punk: all trademarks of popular music, which are sometimes labeled as trash, find their way into the debut EP "100 gecs".

In 2016, however, it still largely flies under the radar. Almost at the same time, Dylan Brady made a name for himself as a producer through collaborations with the Canadian rapper Night Lovell or the German duo Dat Adam. In the next few years he produced for Alessia Cara, Charli XCX and The Neighborhood, among others.

It will take up to 100 gecs until 2019 after numerous solo excursions to record music together again. Following a virtual live concert as part of the Minecraft Fire Festival, the Gecs record their debut record "1000 gecs". Due to Dylan's newly gained reputation in the industry, the LP has received a relatively large amount of media coverage and has received consistently positive criticism. For example, Larry Fitzmaurice referred to the record in his Pitchfork review as "one of the most intriguing and exhilarating experimental pop albums of the year". Joe Caramanica, music critic for the New York Times, even ennobled it as album of the year.

The debut is also causing enthusiasm in the music industry. 100 gecs signed a contract with Atlantic, supported Brockhampton on the "Heaven Belongs To You" tour in the late year and received widespread support from artists such as Charli XCX, Kero Kero Bonito and large parts of the PC Music label.

This fan list will be much longer in the course of the year and will end in July 2020 with the release of the "1000 Gecs And The Tree Of Clues" remix album. In addition to the artists already mentioned, there are also surprise guests such as Fall Out Boy, Injury Reserve and Rico Nasty on board. "The feedback on our first album was so great that we thought we could do more with the material. We wanted to see what other musicians can do with it", said Laura and Dylan about their second album in a conversation with NME author Hannah Mylrea. The album should by no means be understood as new material, but merely as a companion piece to their debut.

With just three projects under their belt, 100 gecs have blossomed from an underground phenomenon to a critically acclaimed anarcho-pop project. Then the irony slowly stops: "People think we've built our entire careers around being very ironic. [...] We're not just cracking jokes ... just sometimes. Little bit. We have fun", Laura tells the NME on."Our music is not ironic"adds Dylan.

In 2020 Drake will still be at the top of the chart, but the supposedly inferior music styles of the early 2010s, which one wanted to forget with all their might, are experiencing a kind of renaissance thanks to artists like 100 gecs. However, the duo is not satisfied with that, after all, one day they want to be as successful as Ed Sheeran, they say with a wink.