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Update: The new Postfinance app pissed off users

Update from April 19, 2021: The new version of the Postfinance app has been available since the beginning of March. But many customers do not get warm with the redesigned app. As the "Blick" reports, there have been devastating reviews in the app stores of Google and Apple since the update was published. Accordingly, the app is not only lacking in accessibility for a long time: "Users complain about missing functions, about the design, actually about everything," summarizes the newspaper.

Postfinance wants despite the bad reviews stick to the new design. "As with all changes, it takes time at the beginning to get used to the new appearance," the "Blick" quotes a company spokeswoman. "We are constantly developing our app further and are taking the feedback into account. We will introduce a large number of the functions that are currently still missing with several updates by probably autumn 2021."

But not all users of the old app will also be able to get the new one. Because, as the newspaper continues, the new Postfinance app only runs on Apple devices from IOS version 13.3. This version is no longer available for iPhones 6, 6+ and older. Nevertheless, the old version of the Postfinance app will be switched off at the beginning of May.

Original message from 02/24/2021:Postfinance brings a new app - blind people cannot use it

Postfinance is updating its smartphone app. From March 3, 2021, the new version will be introduced gradually, the company writes on its website. "Do all of your banking more easily and conveniently, wherever and whenever you want," continues Postfinance.

Recommendation for the blind: Do not update!

But some people with disabilities are initially exempt from this full-bodied promise. Because the new app is not barrier-free for the time being. This emerges from a message from Postfinance, which the Swiss Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired is forwarding to its members.

Postfinance does not disclose which specific accessibility deficiencies the update has. However, they should mean that, for example, blind and visually impaired people will not be able to use the new app at all or only to a limited extent. These people use screen readers such as "VoiceOver" or "TalkBack" to work with their smartphone. On request, Postfinance writes that these customers are advised not to update to the version that will appear at the beginning of March for the time being.

Almost a month without an app

In particular, Postfinance warns to deactivate the function for automatically installing app updates in the smartphone settings. If you do not do this in time, you are unlucky because once an update has been installed, the smartphone operating systems do not plan to switch back to an old version.

According to the statement, the old, barrier-free version of the Postfinance app will run until the beginning of May and will then no longer be available. However, the publication of a new, barrier-free version is only planned for the end of May. For blind and visually impaired customers, this means that they cannot access the Postfinance e-banking system via the app for almost a month.

However, this does not mean that they will no longer have access to the bank's services during this time. The financial institution recommends that affected customers use "the barrier-free desktop version of e-finance (via browser on the computer) or barrier-free access via mobile browser on your smartphone" to carry out banking transactions.

After all: Login via app is already working

"We always involve our accessibility competence center in the new and further development of our products," Postfinance writes on request. With the new app, the implementation of accessibility is complex and time-consuming, and the company does not want to make any compromises in this regard. That is why the decision was made to launch the app in two steps. "The launch date is March 2021, the update to the barrier-free app is expected to be available at the end of May 2021."

The company leaves open the question of why the launch date was not moved to the availability date of a completely accessible version. Postfinance again refers to the alternative access via browser and the fact that the transition phase will take a maximum of one month - "this will at least reduce the restrictions for customers who rely on a barrier-free app. However, we are aware that that this can still be cumbersome for the users concerned. "

After all: A function is barrier-free from day one, it says in the message: Anyone who has previously used the login via app (with fingerprint or Face ID) to access e-banking can continue to use this procedure. "This is already barrier-free in the new app."

When it comes to accessibility, Switzerland has some catching up to do. A study last autumn showed that only a quarter of the local online shops are barrier-free. In the interview with accessibility consultant Daniele Corciulo, you can read about other barriers that blind people encounter on the Internet.