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Prayon Germany's roots go back to the year 1924. The Company Fischer & Co. was founded in Hamburg as a wholesale business for metals and metal residues. Prayon took over the company in 1980 and named it after the subsidiary in Belgium Zinchem Metal and Chemicals Trading Company GmbH.

The trade in non-ferrous metals was initially a mainstay for Zinchem, later the sales of von Prayon S.A. and Silox S.A. inorganic specialty chemicals are becoming increasingly important. This development led in 2002 to the change of the name of Zinchem GmbH to Prayon Deutschland GmbH and to the complete integration of Prayon Germany into the SAP system of the group.

Today Prayon Deutschland GmbH focuses on the sale of phosphoric acids, phosphates, sulfuric acids and fluorine salts from Prayon S.A. Another important business area are the dithionite-based reducing and bleaching agents from Silox S.A.

Prayon Germany sells the wide range of Prayons phosphoric acids, phosphates, sulfuric acids and fluorine salts, such as:

  • Prayphos P5: Food grade phosphoric acid (E 338) in various concentrations.,
  • Prayphos Codex: Pharmaceutical grade phosphoric acid (Pharm Eur and USP) in different concentrations.
  • To Prayon's range of Phosphates belong next Ammonium, sodium, potassium and calcium salts also Prayon's specialty phosphates Carfosel and Chasuble as well as the newly developed Fortipray.

Here is a selection of the frequently requested products in detail:

  • Polypray LDA, MDA, H, HL, LV: Sodium tripolyphosphate in technical quality as powder and granulate. Anhydrous and hydrated.
  • Prayphos STPP FG: Food Grade Sodium Tripolyphosphate. Available as powder and granules.
  • Prayphos MAP and DAP: Mono- and diammonium orthophosphate in technical and fertilizer quality.
  • Prayphos MSP, DSP and TSP: mono-, di- and trisodium orthophosphates in technical and food grade; also available in hydrated form.
  • Prayphos MKP, DKP and TKP: mono-, di- and tripotassium umorthophosphates in technical and food quality; MKP also available in fertilizer quality.
  • Prayphos SAPP FG: Food grade sodium pyrophosphate. Also available: Praylev Pyro and Praylev Fastpyro for baked goods.
  • Prayphos TKPP: easily soluble tetrapotassium pyrophosphates in technical and food quality.
  • Prayphos SHMP: long-chain sodium hexametaphosphates in technical and food grade, different chain lengths available.
  • Prayphos TCP 308 FG: Food grade tri-calcium phosphate for calcium fortification.
  • Kasomel: a full range of specialties for making processed cheese.
  • Carfosel: full range of specialties for the production of meat and fish products.

Fortipray: newly developed product for the fortification of calcium and vitamin D3 in food applications. Different concentrations of vitamin D3 available.

Prayon Germany also offers that Prayon range of fluorine salts, consisting of sodium fluoride (Fluopray NaF) in technical and pharmaceutical quality as well as sodium and potassium fluorosilicates (Fluopray SSF and Fluopray PSF).

Prayons Fosbind Range of products for refractories and that PraybriteAssortment for yellow firing (gloss staining) complete the range of Prayon Germany.

The product range of Silox S.A. includes the special products manufactured for the paper industry HYBrite (fixed) and SiBrite (liquid), and those manufactured for use in the textile industry Hydros-Products.

The diversity of the Prayon S.A. product ranges and Silox S.A. enables us to be present in many industrial sectors, such as:

In the production of detergents and industrial and commercial cleaning agents as well as in metal treatment for the automotive and mechanical engineering industries (Polypray Sodium tripolyphosphates and Prayphos Phosphoric acids).

Our products can be found in professional horticulture (Prayphos MAP, DAP and MKP) and in the paper industry, where a certain degree of whiteness of the end products must be achieved (HiBrite and SiBrite).

The German chemical industry values ​​the wide range of possible uses for our products, such as pH buffers, dispersants and sequestering agents.
Prayons Carfosel specialties are used in the production of meat and fish products such as cooked ham and boiled sausage, while the casomel specialties play an important role in the production of processed cheese.

Prayons Praylev specialties are sold to the manufacturers of baking agents and Prayon's phosphoric acid is used as an acidulant in the beverage industry.

Prayon Deutschland GmbH will also find the right product for your application.


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