How do salons handle appointment cancellations

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Salon Meier - your hairdresser in Reichertshofen, Herzog-Heinrich-Platz 2, 85084 Reichertshofen

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Please note:

The desired appointment is now reserved for you for 30 minutes and must be confirmed by you within this time. We have sent you an email with a link for this purpose. Your reservation only becomes effective when you click on the link.

Please also check your spam folder if you do not find the e-mail in your inbox.

Or easier and faster: We will also send you the link via SMS! Just tap - done!

Very nice! Your appointment has been booked successfully and bindingly!

Since you are already known at Salon Meier - her hairdresser in Reichertshofen, an additional confirmation is required by e-mail or SMS Not necessary.

You will shortly receive your booking confirmation by email - also check your spam folder.

We are sorry! Salon Meier - your hairdresser in Reichertshofen would like to make appointments with you only in person or by phone. You can reach Salon Meier - your hairdresser in Reichertshofen on +49 8453 7188.