Is Lamar Jackson better than Dak Prescott

NFL: 32 quarterbacks, 32 questions: How good is Tom Brady now?

Will Lamar Jackson confirm his MVP season? Is Dak Prescott becoming an elite quarterback? And how good is Tom Brady? We take a look at the quarterbacks of all 32 NFL teams and ask the most important question for the season ahead.

Arizona Cardinals - Kyler Murray: Is 2020 His Breakout Season Following?

In the past two seasons, a quarterback has won the MVP title in his second NFL year. Can Murray do the same for Jackson and Mahomes? The 22-year-old has the accuracy, the arm strength and the mobility, he also plays in one of the most exciting offensive systems in the NFL and has an absolute superstar at his side in DeAndre Hopkins. In the past year, however, Murray made too many mistakes, too many sacks were on his account. The circumstances seem to be formidable in 2020, he takes a good step forward, there are hardly any upper limits.

Atlanta Falcons - Matt Ryan: Has He Peaked?

Last season in Atlanta was disappointing, for Ryan as well as for the entire Falcons offense. Ultimately, the porous offensive line was too big a handicap for the otherwise strong offense. Ryan made too many uncharacteristic mistakes and played his worst season since 2013, when the Falcons won just four games of the season. But: The 35-year-old still played well last year from a clean pocket. If the O-Line presents itself better again in 2020, Ryan should also put on better numbers again.

Baltimore Ravens - Lamar Jackson: is he repeating his MVP season?

Jackson's preseason was a year in the history books, and yet the MVP hasn't even reached its full potential. The 23-year-old is still perhaps the most explosive athlete in the NFL, and Jackson could get even better in the passing game in 2020. The decisive questions are: How much do the Ravens change their offensive system and what answers do opposing defenses find? If Baltimore's Run Game remains as dominant as last year, another outstanding season for Jackson is quite possible.

Buffalo Bills - Josh Allen: How hard can he work on his clear weaknesses?

With hardly any quarterback, the opinions between fans and opponents, between supporters and critics, differ as widely as with everyone. In the previous year, the 24-year-old showed improvement in some areas, especially in the short passing game, but his deep ball is still one of the worst in the league and he still makes too many clear mistakes. In 2020, the next step must follow in these areas too, then Allen could actually move up into the circle of better quarterbacks. If the development does not take place, however, everyone in Buffalo is likely to be viewed more and more critically.

Carolina Panthers - Teddy Bridgewater: Does He Make A Long Term Starter?

After a break of more than three years, Bridgewater was finally able to present itself as a starter again in the preseason and grabbed his chance: The 27-year-old is and remains a game manager who makes few mistakes, but also ensures few highlight throws. Is that enough to establish yourself permanently as a starting quarterback? The Panthers are betting on him, but Carolina is also in the rebuild, after two seasons Bridgewater could be released again cheaply. In 2020 it is therefore important - without the great Saints offense at his side - to further consolidate the status that has just been developed.

Chicago Bears - Mitchell Trubisky / Nick Foles: Can Chicago have a more than subpar starter?

Mitchell Trubisky's days as one of the NFL's emerging, talented quarterbacks are over. The Bears did not make use of the option for a fifth year, if he does not take a clear step forward in 2020, the upcoming season should be Trubisky's last in Chicago. The problem: Nick Foles doesn't have much more potential either. The 31-year-old had two outstanding phases in Philadelphia, but has not been able to establish himself as a firm starter anywhere in eight years. Chicago is at risk of another season of inconsistent quarterback performances.

Cincinnati Bengals - Joe Burrow: Is He Confirming His College Fabulous Season?

Burrow's performances during the 2019 college season were overwhelming, with the 23-year-old putting on numbers like no quarterback before him. Burrow also benefited from the enormous quality and the great scheme of the LSU offense - and for Burrow individually, too, the past season was an enormous outlier. In Cincinnati the conditions are now different, with the Bengals he is joining a team that is expected to be in the rebuild at least in 2020. Can Burrow also convince behind a wobbly offensive line and against significantly better defenses? If so, there seem to be no limits to the Heisman winner in the future.

Cleveland Browns - Baker Mayfield: is he getting back to his shape?

After some outstanding college years and an impressive rookie season, Mayfield's second season in the NFL - fitting the whole Browns team - was a bitter disappointment. The 24-year-old revealed major problems with pocket behavior and did not show a good feeling for the pass rush. Weaknesses that Mayfield had already indicated in Oklahoma. Nevertheless, he remains an outstandingly accurate passer, and in 2019 Mayfield regularly threw spectacular balls. If his pocket behavior improves behind a better offensive line, he could make a big leap forward in the coming season.