Which company invented the first microprocessor?

The microprocessor

The next generation of processors already had an 8-bit data bus. Only these models were powerful enough to build a computer with them. In addition to Intel, Texas Instruments and Motorola were pioneers. Initially, processors were mainly used in calculating machines and system controls.

The development became exciting in 1975 when the young company MosTek launched the 6502, a microprocessor that cost only a few dollars. The following year, Zilog brought a greatly improved replica of the Intel 8080 processor onto the market, which was also considerably cheaper. These two chips - 6502 and Z80 - were then predominant on the office and home computer market until the mid-1980s.

These were the first computers that were small and inexpensive enough to be bought by private individuals as a hobby or for simple office work (word processing). Since they were built around a microprocessor, these devices were called “microcomputers”.

To this day, Intel has remained the leading manufacturer of microprocessors and thus the only great constant in this market. AMD, which originally only built Intel chips, has become the biggest competitor in the field of PC processors.

The ARM processor is a real outsider story. In 1985, the British company Acorn brought a family of home computers onto the market that was equipped with a processor it had developed. The computer was called Archimedes and had little success outside of England. However, the "ARM" processor (Acorn RISC Machine) was so powerful that Acorn has continued to develop it today and has licensed it to many manufacturers. ARM processors are found in most tablets, smartphones and many other devices today.