Why do people think Mr Robot is great

The Couch Reporter Today:Meike Laaff

Where dream and reality diverge, the series can help. I like to call this the "House of Cards" effect: As ice cold as the super-evil Frank Underwood and his own may be, as much as the dramaturgy sometimes says goodbye to all plausibility: people from the political scene love this series. Because politicians are smart here. Real players. And very powerful. So stop the way you like to feel when you've once again drawn the short straw in any of the votes. More managed than designed every day. So: balm for all the little cogs in the political gears.

This or something like that should also explain why “Mr. Robot “celebrated such a surprise success in 2015, especially with people from the tech industry. And is also doing well in the current second season.

Because "Mr. Robot “Hacker shows exactly how many network administrators and coders like to see each other: powerful and good. Equipped with superior intelligence and finesse. A little isolated, yes. Okay, and of course you don't want to have the psychological and drug problems outlined there either. But otherwise . . .

"Mr. Robot “does everything to charm the initiated. So there is no code dada flickering across the monitors to carry out any fantasy hacks, but scripts can be seen that could also work that way. To do this, the authors of the series employ extra security researchers who hack this code together. It's also wonderful how the series cleverly interweaves current issues such as hackable smart homes, virtual reality and ransomware with the story.

Care closely related to Sam Esmail, creator of “Mr. Robot ”, referred to as a nerd himself. This Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek), protagonist of the series, is also refreshingly convincing. A skinny nihilist in a black hoodie who earns his money in an IT security kit during the day and plays Robin Hood with his hacker crew at night in a picturesque arcade. Its inflamed eyes dig so deep into their sockets. Who, as super smart as he is, struggles hard with his psychological problems - and with a distorted perception of reality.

A lot is well observed, but the series is still not convincing after a season and a half. I wanted to like her. Really. And then came this goulash from zeitgeisty criticism of capitalism, which looks like a remix from Occupy and Anonymous. And anyway, all these bonds. Have you seen "Fight Club"? Or "American Psycho"? Well, then you can get a few chips in between.

Plus: It's a nice idea to make a series that can also function as a kind of Sesame Street for IT security, as some people from the “Mr. Robot "makers want, according to interview statements. In fact, "Mr. Robot "but sometimes in arrogance. Compared to all these complete idiots of non-coders. Those - just one example - are all so stupid that they only know passwords, the names and dates of birth of the family, pets or favorite sports teams. You can do it. But it's pretty flat. But good - when it caresses the ego of the initiated. . .