How does Google Maps show locations

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Would you like to find your way around in a strange environment, but don't know exactly where you are? With Google's map service Google Maps, you can not only see the route to your destination, but also your location on the map. We explain to you which settings you have to make on your smartphone in order to display the location and how you can share it with your contacts.

Determine and share your location using Google

Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.

Note: The procedure is identical for Android devices and iPhones. If you use Google Maps in the browser, the display of the location is less precise, as Google only uses your IP address to be able to locate you. We recommend using the app for a more precise result.

Location sharing via quick access

You can also control location sharing via quick access. However, this method is only possible with Android devices:

Note: You can also deactivate location sharing using quick access. To do this, tap the again Location icon.

quick start Guide

  1. Start the Google Maps app and tap the in the top left Three strokes icon.
  2. Then go to "Location sharing".
  3. Then confirm the activation by tapping on "Start now".
  4. Google now offers you the option of a time frame for sharing your location. Either select a fixed time or go to "Until deactivation". If you want, you can now have yours Share location with your contacts.