What is an alternative to Curl on Windows

Wget / cURL alternative to Windows?


Native to Windows (comes pre-installed and depends on the Windows Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS)):


It can do what wget does and probably more (you can control a running job using API-like commands - you can get the status speed, for example, and cancel if it's too slow).

Example usage from personal experience (you can run parallel downloads in the same .bat file or sequential downloads in the same job):

Note: It works on Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10 (tested on Windows 10 Pro). Under Windows XP it has to be manually removed from the SP2 Support tools to be installed.

On the latest Windows 10, the expiration warning is gone, so it looks like this useful tool will stay here.

I often use PowerShell for simple things like WebClient's DownloadString:

Or if you want something to be downloaded, as it is, and wrap that into a function. Of course it is very rough and doesn't have any of the niceties like reusable downloads and the like.

It seems that all you have to do is download an alternative browser. You can use this command to download Mozilla Firefox from the command prompt:

This also starts Internet Explorer, but only with a basic range of functions. This should work even if Internet Explorer is broken (in most cases).

You can also use the FTP command. Enter the following at the command prompt:

  1. Type - Opens the FTP client
  2. Type - This connects to Mozilla FTP
  3. Just sign up as a anonymously and use a blank password.
  4. Type -To change the directory
  5. Type - to download the Firefox installer. The file is located in the current command prompt folder. (usually your folder)
  6. Enter to close the FTP client
  7. Enter to close the command prompt.

There is really no alternative to Wget. You can use Wget for Windows and assign the path in your environment variables to make it work the way you want.

Native cURL for Windows is available here. There are many variants - with SSL support, without SSL support. You don't need any additional baggage from Cygwin and others, just a small EXE file.

I would just use Cygwin and install whatever libraries I want ... I always did ...

In the past I've looked for alternatives, yes. But Cygwin is simply the best tool for the job.

I made my own. Check it out at https://github.com/acarrilho/global (at the bottom of the page).

Download the source and use cmd.exe to navigate to the requester's folder. From there, just type in to see all of the available settings. As an an example:

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