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Tokopedia shipment tracking

Since the globalization of new technologies, electronic commerce has become very popular in many countries and societies around the world, and this is no wonder as it is a much simpler form of commerce and distance communication. There are so many companies out there devoting themselves to this innovative way of trading, which greatly increases the popularity of this method.
Much more people are starting to join this trading system every day as it is a reliable marketing mechanism. Its safety and operational guarantees make this method an efficient alternative that will become one of the main forms of economic activity around the world.

What is Tokopedia?

Tokopedia is a technology company. It was founded in Indonesia by William Tanuwijawa and Leonitius Alpha Edison. Tokopedia started out in 2009 as a web marketplace where many different types of items and items could be bought and sold.
Since its opening until now, Tokopedia Indonesia has continued to evolve and integrate new types of various digital products and services such as investments, digital wallets, virtual credit cards, and payment for public services such as airline tickets, vouchers, phone payments, concert tickets, etc. and many others.
Tokopedia is also backed by many different companies involved in e-commerce itself, such as Alibaba from China, East Ventures from Indonesia, Softbank from Japan, and Sequoia Capital from the US. Such companies have made large investments in NN1N, which has fueled its rapid growth.

How do I sell on Tokopedia?

In order to become a Tokopedia seller, a business based in Indonesia must first be registered. Tokopedia requests a brief description of the business, including the types of products or services that are being sold. In this way, the Tokopedia platform adds this storage to one of the 25 categories that subdivide the types of items offered on the website. In addition, an escrow account must be opened. This account must be linked to Tokopedia in order for the money received for the sale to be transferred to a local bank account.
It is very important to know that this e-commerce service is only available in Indonesia. Online stores can only be opened if you live and sell in Indonesia. Opening an online shop from another country in the world will not work as the sales money will be transferred to official bank accounts in Indonesia.

How do I track my Tokopedia order?

When purchasing from Tokopedia, it is possible to know the order status by checking it on the official website. When the purchase is complete, the website system provides information on the order status, the remaining order time and the estimated time of arrival. This is only possible if the seller has entered a receipt number for the product and the Tokopedia package is transported by Tokopedia's own delivery system. Thanks to this, the tracking of the Tokopedia parcel is very easy and reliable.
You can also use the Ship24 website and copy and paste the Tokopedia tracking number on the home page for information about your Tokopedia package.

Does Tokopedia ship worldwide?

The services offered by Tokopedia are only available in Indonesia. Tokopedia has its own delivery company called TokoCabang which operates in some cities in Indonesia but does not deal with overseas shipments.
The only way to ship to any other country outside of Indonesia is to register with an international shipping company operating out of Indonesia. There are two ways to work with these companies. One is to register the purchase with the shipping service, then enter a delivery address, and you're done.

The second way involves talking to the seller. In this way, the seller takes care of shipping the order to one of these shipping companies that deliver packages all over the world. Each of these shipping methods are fully effective.

Is Tokopedia delivery time fast?

The Tokopedia delivery system is very effective. According to many Tokopedia users, the Tokopedia shipping time is usually very fast. They always try to deliver within the next 24 or 48 hours of the sale being completed. In fact, 65% of deliveries are made in the first 24 hours after a customer purchases an item from the site. Tokopedia shipping costs are usually very cheap and they work with a whole network of around 11 shipping companies to cover the entire Indonesian territory.
They also have their own delivery company called TokoCabang and the prices are low, but this company operates in some cities in the country. Even so, delivery times are usually very quick and users seem completely satisfied with the service. This also guarantees that the parcels you receive in Tokopedia will be delivered on the same day.

Does Tokopedia have free shipping?

There are some offers where Tokopedia gives its users a discount to reduce shipping costs and costs. When registering a new user, Tokopedia even reduces the first deliveries by 90%. However, this is only important if the packages are very heavy or if the number of items purchased is very large. Shipping costs are usually low and affordable.
Even so, with the global crisis of COVID-19 in 2020, free shipping was possible for some specific items related to food, health, medicines and first-line issues. This free shipping depended on the Indonesia region and the number of items purchased.

How can I contact Tokopedia?

Tokopedia workers are very concerned about the quality of the services they offer. The Tokopedia call center is available around the clock to accommodate any customer suggestion. They are always open to new ideas and suggestions, not to mention the support they offer for their services and how the website works.
Tokopedia can also be contacted through the website. There is an email address that receives all kinds of recommendations and even complaints. The FAQ section, better known as the FAQ, also addresses the most common issues and concerns that many users have raised during their experience with the company. Whether a seller or buyer, the FAQ section can be very helpful.