Do you believe in rock n roll

Berlin (dpa) - Lemmy Kilmister was famous for his sayings. A selection:

"I don't believe in the devil, and I don't believe in God either. In our world out there, there are a lot of human devils."

(dpa interview, 2015)

"I'm still angry and should be. So much shit happens in the world and it just keeps getting worse, not better."

(n-tv interview November 2014)

"Rock'n'Roll is definitely not for old people, that's official. Our secret is probably that we are actually still children."

(Interview on Spiegel Online, 2015)

"I switched from whiskey to vodka."

(In the 2015 dpa interview on the question of how his life has changed in recent years)

"Racism is the evil of our world. Being a Nazi means that you have lost before you start. You cannot win. You are just stupid."

(Interview in SZ-Magazin, 2003)

"Without them none of us would be here. You invented the principle of tape. Before that there was a man in front, behind him the accompanying musicians played."

(About the Beatles, SZ-Magazin, 2003)

"It just looked meaner. German."

(About the ö in the band name Motörhead, SZ-Magazin, 2003)

"That was a great time, the summer of 1971. I can't remember it - but I will never forget it!"

(Source: Rolling Stone)

"If you think you are too old for rock and roll, you are."

(Source: Rolling Stone)