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The Celtic warrior

Sheamus' gaze is focused. His hair is pointed like a warrior's sword and his body resembles a Greek hero statue carved out of stone. Stephen Farrelly is one of the top stars in the ring - and is a two-time WWE Champion.

Height: 2.01 meters

Weight: 123 kilograms

Origin: Dublin, Ireland

Signature Move: Brogue Kick, Pale Justice

Trainers: Larry Sharpe, Jim Molineaux

WWE Debut: 2009

Greatest successes: two-time WWE Champion, Royal Rumble winner 2012

Sheamus: The human jar of mayonnaise

How did WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart influence Sheamus? Quite simply: it was the Hitman who recommended the Irishman in Dublin in 2002 to start training for a career in wrestling. During his school days, the young Stephen Farrelly sang in the Palestine Choir.

The trained IT specialist swapped the keyboard for the rough ring mat. Farrelly spent his apprenticeship in the ring at Larry Sharpe's Monster Factory, where WWE Superstars such as Big Show and Bam Bam Bigelow were being prepared for their careers.

The Celtic warrior as a symbol of the Irish

For its appearance, Sheamus decided to break away from Irish stereotypes. "I wanted to convey a positive image." Since he is privately engaged in Celtic mythology, he developed the image of the Celtic Warrior for himself.

"In the past, the Celts were the most feared warriors in Europe," he explains: "Much of the Celtic mythology is very profound. It has been broadcast in various films such as 'Conan the Barbarian' or 'Lord of the Rings'".

In his homeland, Sheamus was nicknamed SOS and The Irish Curse. However, the trip to the ring was initially short-lived, as a serious neck injury put him out of action for almost two years. However, the former Irish football and rugby player fought his way back and in the following years successfully collected titles in his Irish homeland.

The rapid rise of WWE and the confrontation with Mark Cuban

On November 13, 2006, Stephen Farrelly made his first WWE appearance as part of a security team that kicked the D-Generation X out of the ring. At this show he fell directly victim to a pedigree of Triple H. His debut in June 2009 in the ECW followed just four months later when he switched to RAW.

After winning the traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match, he secured a title match for the WWE Championship one day later in a Breakthrough Battle Royal at RAW. At TLC: Tables Ladders and Chairs 2009, Sheamus defeated John Cena and managed in just six months what other of his colleagues need a whole life to do - winning the glorious title. This achievement was rewarded with the Slammy Award as "Breakout Superstar of the Year 2009".

His confrontation with the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, whom Sheamus pushed through a table at RAW, remained memorable. "It was probably the biggest night of my life and he got in my way. If I'd had three or four more tables, I would have promoted him through those too. I have no pity on the guy."

That his success was not a flash in the pan, Sheamus confirmed with his second WWE Champion title win at Fatal-4-Way 2010 and the triumph at the prestigious King-of-the-Ring tournament in November 2010. After a short dry spell when King Sheamus returned he got back on the road to success by winning the United States Champion title.

Sheamus now joins the SmackDown! Squad and is hunting for the world heavyweight title. At the 25th anniversary in 2012, he won the Royal Rumble.

Bono's bodyguard

Behind the scenes, his rise on the corporate ladder has been linked to his friendship with Triple H. In addition to the same taste in music (heavy metal), the two train together regularly. However, it completely ignores the fact that Sheamus had to work hard to get to the top of the WWE.

"I hadn't made a lot of money in my time before the WWE and I also worked in a nightclub, where I was Bonos (lead singer of U2, editor's note) as a personal bodyguard."

Sheamus acquired the confident manner in his interviews in front of the camera in various films such as "The Escapist", "Assault of Darkness" and "3 Crosses". He also starred in a documentary about the alleged extinction of the fox gene in redheads.

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