What are the advantages of online communication

Social media - advantages and disadvantages at a glance

Social networks have fundamentally changed the way we communicate. Reading the news, earning money, shopping - everything is possible and without (apparently) much effort. But is that all?

As with all things on our beautiful earth, there is always a for and a against. Today I would like to go through, explain and evaluate a few of the pros and cons of social media existence with you.

Benefits of being on social media

There are so many advantages to thinking about social media platforms. Ask yourself how often and for what you use your accounts and how that makes your life a lot easier. I myself notice that again and again.

# 1 Be connected to people around the world at all times

Probably one of the biggest and most important pros is that we can be in contact with everyone (who also use social media platforms) globally and mostly free of charge at any time. Use Facebook to keep in touch with friends who moved to a completely different part of the country after graduating, Skype or FaceTime to be able to communicate with your family even while on vacation or Instagram to share your vacation with everyone. or to show everyday photos.

# 2 Easy communication anytime

Now that we are always “connected” wherever we go, we are no longer dependent on telephones, faxes or even telegrams. We just open our laptop or unlock our phone and we can start right away. Twitter, Facebook Messenger and, above all, WhatsApp make this possible and allow us to communicate with friends, family or business partners every day.

# 3 Real-time news and new information

The time when we were waiting for the 8 a.m. news in front of the TV or for the newspaper the next morning is over! Today, when we want to know what's going on in the world and what's new, we surf the Internet or find out more about our social media accounts. Nowadays almost every news channel on Instagram, Facebook and Co. has an account on which the latest information is regularly shared.

We can even choose what we want to hear from whom by subscribing to or following certain sites.

# 4 Plenty of opportunities for business people

Social media holds great opportunities for many companies.

In this way, they can market themselves much easier, faster and better via Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.

  • Reach and new target groups
    • With a clear, authentic and impressive account on Instagram or Facebook, the chance is much higher of attracting potential customers and opening up new target groups, as almost everyone is on social media these days, every day.
    • With the help of social media, entrepreneurs can connect with their customers much faster and sell their products to a wider range of people over the internet.
    • Marketing yourself via Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook and increasing your reach is even more of a must than a rarity these days. Many business models are even based exclusively on the social media principle and could not function at all without this option.
    • In addition, the costs for social media marketing are very low compared to "classic" media, which means that you can work with social networks in a far more innovative way and become more successful.
  • Permanent exchange with existing customers
    • Since it can be very exhausting and expensive to acquire new customers in the long run, you can use social media to build a community with customers with whom you are in constant contact and with whom you can encourage new purchases over and over again.

# 5 General fun and relaxation

You have to admit: Sometimes (and for many probably most of the time) using social media is all about enjoying yourself, e.g. during work breaks, on the train or train journey or simply at home in the afternoon on the sofa. Since we are all social beings, it is usually quite pleasant and also interesting to read through comments under posts, to observe like behavior of others, to accept recommendations or to simply find out what others are doing in their lives.

# 6 Get lots of opinions

There are many different forums and groups online and on social media, in which many users exchange information on certain topics and give each other advice and help with problems. So if you don't know what to do, it can be very helpful to simply ask a question or join the discussion in order to get many different opinions.

# 7 Live out your own creativity

Another advantage that social media brings with it is that you can develop freely there and let your creativity run free. You have the opportunity to inspire other users with your own post, to obtain new ideas yourself and to implement them. In addition, you also have the chance to build your own community.

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The dark side of social media

It's no big secret that the social media industry is also struggling with its dark sides.

# 1 Excess information and the associated excessive demands

There are simply an incredible number of people on social networks and, accordingly, an indescribable amount of tweets, selfies, shared YouTube videos and that can be a bit overwhelming.

Who does not know that? You have so many Facebook friends that you actually don't have an overview anymore, and the same goes for most Instagram channels. You just scroll through, get brief glimpses of what's happening, but rarely stop to really notice something!

My tip: only follow the people whose content you find appealing, or people you really know personally. You can also be friends with your Facebook friends without subscribing to the content.

# 2 privacy

So much is now being shared and posted on social networks that the topic of "privacy" is growing all the time. On the one hand, there is the question of whether the pages on which you post your contributions can then call them their own or whether your posts suddenly become a target after a break for years to attack you personally and harm you. So many people have even gotten into trouble with their employers because of inappropriate photos on the internet. Sharing too much with the public (and in that case with the whole world) can create all kinds of problems and often the whole thing cannot be reversed because: unlike us humans, social networks do not forget anything!

# 3 Social pressure, loss of reality, and bullying on the internet

Especially adolescents and young adults who have a hard time making new contacts or communicating with their peers, the social networks create a kind of refuge, an alternative reality. The content consumed there can then result in pressure to have to do things in a certain way or to look a certain way in order to become a recognized and popular part of society. Many lose touch with reality, split even more for fear of not fitting into this “perfect” society depicted there, and thus enter a vicious circle of stress, anxiety and depression.

# 4 Distraction and procrastination

How often do you see people around you staring at their phones? People are so often distracted by all the apps, messages, news and pictures that it can lead to really serious problems, such as smartphone use while driving or being distracted during important conversations. And of course we all know it: a well-known problem known as procrastination. We prefer to scroll for hours through any content that we don't really absorb anyway than to get down to our tasks and keep important appointments.

# 5 Bad sleep and coziness lifestyle

Since the social networks are mostly used via a kind of computer or smartphone, we all too often sit around in one place in our everyday life and tend to move far too little. The blue light from the screens also interferes with our sleep behavior. This can be reduced by switching your laptop or smartphone to "reading mode" in the settings.

In conclusion, it can be said that social networks, like all things in life, have advantages and disadvantages. In the end, it's up to you and your ability to reflect on yourself in order to be able to rule out negative aspects or at least find a positive balance that you can live with.

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