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How to fatten redworms for fishing

Recipes for feeding red wigglers as bait

If you have a worm container dedicated to the production of worm castings in your yard, the fishermen / women in your family can benefit from the red worms as well. The same worms that are used in your vermicompost system can also be fattened up to serve as fishing bait.

For many people, it is the night crawlers that spring to mind first when fishing for worms, but red worms are just as useful to the angler - perhaps even more so given their smaller size.

Night worms (earthworms) die very quickly if they are put on a hook and thrown into the water. However, redworms are able to stay alive for several hours (or more) and continue to wiggle the hook temptingly.

Where to use redworms

The best places to use redworms as bait are in rivers and streams such as trout, pikeperch, bluegill, perch and bass find them irresistible. Composting redworms can grow up to 1 1/2 to 3 inches long, and it's easy to encourage them to grow bigger by offering the right foods to fatten them up. Feeding them cornmeal daily will start putting weight on them right away.

It will take a few days to a week or more for your fish worms to multiply. So focus on a bundle slated for the next expedition in the next week and feed them a worm masters recipe. The first recipe below is from The Worm Factory® and the second is a more common recipe.

The idea is to let the worms eat the fattening as soon as possible.

Pouring the ingredients of a fattening recipe into a blender will destroy everything as much as possible for the worms.

Worm fattening recipe # 1

  • 5 parts chicken porridge
  • 2 parts of wheat or rice bran
  • 1 part of agricultural lime
  • 1 part wheat flour
  • 1 part milk powder

Worm fattening recipe # 2

  • 1 part wheat flour
  • 1 part basic oatmeal

If you don't sell redworms as a business, after about a year of growing them you may find that you are producing even more than you need for fishing and your mixed compost baskets. Don't forget that many creatures will enjoy worms including your chickens, pond fish, and wildlife.