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1 ENTREPRENEURS ACADEMY Entrepreneur Program Autumn 2011/12 WIFI. Knowledge is forever. WIFI Vienna

2 WIFI Entrepreneur Academy First-hand knowledge for entrepreneurial progress and stability Viennese companies are in the process of economic recovery. It is particularly important now to further strengthen your own company. One of the success factors is the retention and expansion of knowledge within the company. The WIFI Entrepreneur Academy supports you in this and offers you, as an entrepreneur, training tailored to your needs. KommR Brigitte Jank President of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce ONEYE SMEs have little time, need targeted and compact educational offers and benefit most from a homogeneous group in which they can exchange experiences and expand their practical knowledge. The further training measures of the WIFI Entrepreneur Academy address these needs, are integrated into the entrepreneurial activity in terms of time, offer exclusively entrepreneurially relevant content and take place exclusively for entrepreneurs. KommR Dr. Anton Gerald Ofner Curator of the WIFI of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce Weinwurm The trainers themselves have a wealth of experience from business and can score points with practice-oriented case studies. WIFI Vienna therefore offers first-hand knowledge. You can apply the knowledge you have learned directly in your own company. It contributes to the optimization of your entrepreneurial activity as well as to the competitiveness of your company. Take the opportunity to build on existing entrepreneurial knowledge and learn new things in order to drive the progress of your company. Because: Knowledge is always in demand.

3 Contents Specially for entrepreneurs Further recommendations WIFI corporate development Your partner for sustainable training WIFI corporate and educational advice Registration form Specifically for entrepreneurs The performance appraisal Objective: You use the performance appraisal as a management tool in a targeted and effective manner to raise the potential of your employees to recognize, promote and use. You accompany and promote the development of your employees. Participants: Entrepreneurs who want to practice a contemporary management style. Content: Introduction of the employee appraisal in the company and ensuring that it is carried out successfully.Methods to make the strengths, competencies and successes of the employees visible, constructive handling of the failures of the employees, in order to enable a useful contribution to the learning process and to expose the development potential systemic interviewing in order to deepen the relationship and to create an atmosphere for an open discussion. Guidelines to develop a concept and the resulting advantages for the company. Note: Including refreshments during breaks and lunch. Teaching units booking number and Fri, Sat / 011 NEW Social Media for Companies Aim: This seminar offers a first glimpse into the world of social media marketing. You will get an overview of current possibilities and learn the advantages and disadvantages of the individual platforms. Participants: Entrepreneurs from SMEs who want to get an initial overview of social media marketing. Content: The seminar offers you an overview of the current platforms and their possibilities. The common providers such as Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress and Flickr, their possible uses and challenges are presented. Of course, various examples are also shown of how social media marketing has already been implemented. At the end of the seminar you will know which platform is suitable for your needs and which type of application suits your corporate culture and profile. Note: After attending the seminar, it is possible to take advantage of a sponsored management consultancy. Teaching units, booking no. Do / 011

4 SAVE 100% cost management Spending Activities Visibility Explorer Objective: Intelligent and immediate reduction of costs and improvement of work processes with the new method! Effective cost management and intelligent design of work processes are increasingly becoming a question of survival for entrepreneurs. With SAVE Spending Activities Visibility Explorer you will receive a quick and easy to implement working method for cost management, cost control, cost control, process optimization, improvement of work processes and time saving in daily practice in this seminar. Consistent and appropriate savings in costs and time in all operational areas can be achieved more easily than acquiring new customers. Participants: entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized companies, managing directors. Content: Systematics and completeness: Costs and work processes as well as their respective possibilities for change are consistently (objects of investigation, perspective, approach, etc.), completely, empirically and systematically analyzed, evaluated and changed. Maximum applicability: SAVE is designed in such a way that it can be used to process all common types of costs and a large number of work and process sequences. Ability to measure, analyze and control: The SAVE system breaks down all costs and processes into elements that can actually be measured, analyzed and controlled in a standardized manner. Only these elements can be changed intelligently and thus the cost or process structure can be adapted efficiently. Influencing them is the essential success! Teaching units booking number and Fri / 011 Sales skills for entrepreneurs Courses with elearning + presence Aim: You will get to know the most important areas of sales and will make your sales process more efficient in the future. Participants: Exclusively for self-employed entrepreneurs who want to improve their sales techniques. Technical requirements: Computer with internet connection, browser, loudspeaker and microphone or headset. Content: Basics: communication, body language, questioning techniques, phases of the sales talk, benefit-oriented argumentation, purchase signals, quoting prices, closing techniques. Price negotiation: value of a product or service preparation timing goals of your customers purchasing and decision-making process of your customers purchase expectations and criteria of your customers objections. Offer presentation: Special features of small groups Analysis of the other person Benefit analysis and visualization Formulation of objectives Use of media Questioning techniques Tips on stress management. Sales planning: Tasks and the right setting of goals Achieving goals Strategic sales planning (business driver model) Target account management Hit rate management Alternative access channels Nuggetsheet Basics of sales funnel management. Key Account Management: Theoretical basics Tools and procedures Selling Center, Buying Center hierarchical customer contact plans Customer analysis Sales strategies and counter tactics Value-oriented selling Customer-specific benefits. Note: After the course has started, there will be two more face-to-face meetings including refreshments and lunch for the purpose of deepening your knowledge at WIFI Vienna In between classroom appointments, you will learn online with our learning platform, accompanied by a trainer. elearning working time: 6 teaching units without repetitions. Presence at WIFI Vienna: 18 teaching units teaching units incl. Elearning booking no. Sa and Sa / 011 2 For more information, go to or

5 Further recommendations NEW CSR How a matter of honor becomes a success factor: Aim: Social responsibility means aligning a company sustainably with socially relevant future issues over the long term. In this workshop you will learn: What is real CSR? Understanding, demarcation. CSR and SMEs: How can SMEs benefit from CSR? What does the benefit look like in concrete terms? Requirements for success: corporate culture, fields of activity and measures internal vs. external commitment. What does sustainability mean? When is CSR sustainable and how do you measure it? After a short theoretical part (instructor lead), you will work in a group and practically based on case studies. Participants: Entrepreneurs, executives, marketing managers, PR managers, CSR beginners and interested parties. Content: CSR as a success factor for SMEs Prerequisites for successful and profitable engagement Arguments why CSR has to be successful Various fields of activity and types of social responsibility Methods of evaluating CSR engagement and measuring sustainability Arguments and ideas for personal engagement Teaching units Booking number Tue / 011 Get out of the hamster wheel new strategies for a stress-free everyday life! Objective: You will learn how to deal with stress factors in a different way, improve your strategies for coping with stress, recognize your own resources to avoid stress and be able to use your own time potential sensibly. Participants: All those who are in stressful situations and want to cope with them positively. Content: From stress management to resource management Recognizing your own drivers and time robbers with targeted relaxation exercises for a decelerated everyday life. Trainer: Ingeborg Holl Teaching units Booking number and Fri Sat / 011 NEW Success through mental strength Aim: You learn mental tools and instruments and can use them specifically in your job and in everyday life. Participants: All interested people who want to develop mental strength and success thinking and thus want to increase their personal quality of life. Content: Raising awareness of personal strengths, method training, visualization training, active implementation of mental strength in everyday life and work. Mastering one's own thoughts and paying attention to the positive. Methods: Individual and group work, stories and metaphors, mental tools Teaching units Booking no. Sa / 011 Income-expenditure calculation 1 for (young) entrepreneurs Aim: You have the necessary knowledge to keep the ongoing records during the year to lead independently. Participants: (Young) entrepreneurs who keep the legally required minimum records themselves and thus want to save costs, one-person companies (EPU). Basic IT skills are desirable. Content: Theoretical and practical principles for keeping an income-expenditure account: Which records are to be kept and how is the closing done at the end of the year? To illustrate the system, a case study is worked through on the PC using an accounting program. 3rd, 5th and Mon, Wed, Fri /

6 NEW Strategic planning and strategy development in SMEs Aim: You will know methods and instruments for the fast, cost-effective introduction of strategic planning and strategy development in small and medium-sized companies and you will be very familiar with their application. Participants: Entrepreneurs, managing directors, executives in small and medium-sized enterprises, small businesses and anyone interested in strategic planning and strategy development. Content: Strategic thinking: Entrepreneurial vision and mission statement for short, medium and long-term corporate goals (SMART) from goals to strategy. Strategic analysis: Environment (general conditions, customers, competitors, suppliers) Company (resources, products, processes, image, position) SWOT. Strategic action: planning and control (the right timetable) implementation of controlling. Trainer: Mag. Dr. Bernulf Bruckner teaching units booking no. Di / 011 IT law at a glance Objective: Using an IT project, you will receive a comprehensive overview of the relevant legal areas of information technology. This will give you an important awareness of the problem and will enable you to make the right decisions in your day-to-day work. Participants: managing directors of small and medium-sized companies, entrepreneurs, people with IT responsibilities (such as IT managers), project managers and graduates of IT-specific courses such as Web designers or network coordinators who are striving for an additional qualification. Content: Overview of the legal areas that come into contact with IT law: Civil law (contract law and compensation law) Copyright Data protection law Ecommerce law Law of commercial legal protection Correlations and sources for further information and research Teaching units Booking number and Mon, Wed / 011 Search engine marketing and search engine optimization (SEM / SEO) Increase your sales through SEM / SEO Goal: You are able to optimize your own homepage and have an understanding of what makes a good, profitable homepage. You will also know the differences between SEM / SEO (Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization). They know how to improve your rank, how to design and maintain your own search engine campaign. Participants: Entrepreneurs and marketing managers who want to help design and optimize their homepage. Content: How do search engines work? Types of Search Engines On the Page / Off the Page Methods What is SEM / SEO? Providers and costs of SEM content and search word campaigns Landing pages integration into the marketing mix. Trainer: Mag. Martin Hlavacek Note: For people with previous knowledge of web design, we recommend attending the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) course (booking number) in the field of IT information technology, media design teaching units booking number Wed / Thu / 031 4 More information under or

7 Basic knowledge of corporate and corporate law Date Booking number and Wed, Thu 25350/011 DURATION 16 teaching units, AM CONTRIBUTION EUR 785 The seminar price includes: participant documents, welcome coffee, lunch, soft drinks, snacks during breaks and garage fees. TRAINER Ass.-Prof. GDR. Thomas Ratka, LL.M. Institute for Corporate and Commercial Law, University of Vienna, Head of the Law Department at the Institute for Corporate Management, FHWien degree programs at the WKW, longstanding lecturer, author of numerous publications in corporate and corporate law and co-editor / co-author of the standard work Handbuch Geschäftsführerhaftung. Corporate and corporate law together form the heart of the business law system and are therefore an absolute must-know for management. The seminar conveys all key data of the relevant legal provisions in an understandable way and explains the relationships with a didactic approach tailored to non-lawyers. Participants: managing directors, board members, (young) entrepreneurs Content: Day 1 Concept of entrepreneur in commercial register and publicity law Case study: How do I register a company with the commercial register? Cross-border aspects Law enforcement in the B2B area Company-related transactions Case studies on complaints General terms and conditions drafting in the light of the new UGB Basics of competition law (especially UWG) Day 2 Company law basics Overview of company forms Legal form selection Establishment of a GmbH and articles of association Manager / internal service contracts Case study: Going public of an AG Reorganization Basics of managing directors and supervisory board activities International and EU aspects of company law Priv.-Doz. Dr. Alexander Schopper University of Vienna, MBA Faculty of the University of Vienna and the Private University of Kahlenberg, Of Counsel at Dorda Brugger Jordis Rechtsanwälte GmbH, 2008 habilitation at the University of Vienna, awarded the venia docendi for the subjects of civil law, corporate and corporate law and private commercial law. Publication and lecture activities. 5

8 Leading successfully with trust and giftwork CREATE YOUR GREAT PLACE TO WORK INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY AND INNOVATION Appointment booking number and Mon, Tue 39375/011 DURATION 16 teaching units, o'clock CONTRIBUTION EUR 725 TRAINER Dr. Erich Laminger * management consultant, business trainer / mediator, focus: argumentation, communication, presentation. Doctorate in law, many years of top management experience (electrical / electronics industry), collective bargaining (most recently chief negotiator), 02 / / 2009 President of the Social Security. Since 2010 Managing Director of Great Place to Work Austria. Mag. André Romano * Business psychologist, certified Great Place to Work Facilitator, Head of Consulting at Great Place to Work Austria, design and implementation of focus groups, workshops and large group events, with the company since 2004. Companies and executives who go the way to a Great Place to Work and rely on trust achieve significantly higher rates of increase in sales, productivity and innovation. In line with the definition of a Great Place to Work: A great workplace is a place where you achieve your organizational objectives with people who give their personal best and work together as a team all in the environment of trust. In this seminar, you will learn how to build trusting relationships in your area of ​​responsibility. See and experience why managers from the best employers choose this path.Discuss best practices from the best employers worldwide with other executives and learn how you can create your own Great Place to Work! Participants: managing directors, board members, (young) entrepreneurs Content: Leading with trust Great Place to Work Seeing and experiencing the effect of trust Self-assessment and reflection on your own leadership behavior Introduction to the Giftwork model Videos and Best Practices from the best employers The nine practice areas of the Giftwork model Analysis and optimization of your own practices with the Giftwork Cycle Techniques that you can use on the next working day to create your own Great Place to Work This seminar takes place in cooperation with Great Place to Work instead. Great Place to Work is an international research and management consultancy with headquarters in the USA and partner offices in over 40 countries worldwide. Every year over companies and more than 1.5 million employees rely on his survey and cultural analysis tools as well as his consulting services. The short workshop Power of Trust Leading with Confidence (, Uhr) offers you the opportunity to gain an initial insight into the topic in advance. For more information, go to or management forum *) The selection of the listed trainers depends on their availability. 6 More information under or

9 Information and advice for companies WIFI corporate development Your partner for sustainable personnel development measures As-is analysis through training needs assessment Selection and development assessment center Potential analysis Process support Achievement of goals through in-house training Coaching Management / team development Knowledge platform elearning Additional offer from Seminar organization Room rental We bundle all services for tailor-made and efficient solutions for your HR department. The offer includes tailor-made and sustainable solutions for corporate customers in the areas of personnel development, management development, organization or outsourcing of training, potential analyzes, assessment centers, trainer selection, elearning, educational advice for companies as well as evaluation to ensure the transfer of learning and much more. m. You benefit from a complete individualization of learning content, dates and locations. Tailor-made personnel development Our experts carry out an intensive needs analysis with you and thus develop suitable programs to secure and expand your company's success. You also take over the operational planning and implementation of your training courses in detail. T E Educational advice for careers and companies Our consultants cater to your specific needs and work with you to design tailor-made assessment centers and potential analyzes. Our external perspective supports you in recognizing unused but existing potential and potential learning fields in order to guarantee optimal further development of your employees. T E Management Consultancy Our management consultancy team at WIFI Vienna has specialized in the mediation of funded management consultancies for Viennese companies for decades. We offer support and assistance in business decisions. Together with the customer, we analyze the specific need for advice and establish contact with the appropriate management consultant. Here we draw on a pool of around 500 consulting firms. T E elearning The three elearning methods elearning, elearning + presence and elearning + virtual presence offer learning that is independent of time and place and can be easily integrated into your training measures for employees and managers. T E Key Account Management The relationship with our customers is important to us. As a corporate customer, you have a contact person at WIFI Vienna who offers you integrated and tailor-made advice and solutions. So you get everything for sustainable personnel management from a single source! T E 7

10 Your course for success is on the rise WIFI Vienna Management Consulting Benefit from the knowledge of the experts at low cost and effectively! The WIFI Vienna management consultancy supports Viennese companies with their entrepreneurial decisions and offers individual and practice-oriented solutions. Young entrepreneurs benefit! As a young entrepreneur, you will receive up to 75% funding. In the start-up phase, you receive support in areas such as strategy, marketing, financing or environmental management and can concentrate on your core tasks. For example, energy efficiency, design or ongoing controlling even in later phases of entrepreneurship. Up to 50% funding is also an interesting option here. Expert pool The right professionals for your company and your problem are selected from a selected pool of over 500 experienced consulting firms. Find out more and try it out: Contact: T Consulting and more Of course, there are a wide variety of consulting topics. How do you know the hidden potential in your company? With its potential analysis for founders, entrepreneurs or employees, the educational counseling of WIFI Vienna offers the right services to develop your company and the human resource in the best possible way. 8 The psychologist and advisor at the WIFI Vienna educational counseling, Dr. Marie-Luise Lehner, in an interview. What are the benefits for entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurs face new challenges in every phase of the business cycle. With the potential analysis for entrepreneurs, the decision-making security is increased. You will receive a personal strengths and weaknesses profile and needs-based suggestions for the further development of the company. And for employees? Companies can significantly promote the performance and motivation of employees by recognizing existing potential, effectively promoting employees and then using them appropriately and in the right place according to their talents. What does the offer look like? We select the tests from a wide variety of methods that precisely target the defined question. The potential analysis is therefore precisely tailored to the individual special challenge of the entrepreneur and the respective personality. What are the success factors? It is important that people get involved openly and without hesitation and recognize the benefits for themselves. Therefore, when analyzing potential, it is crucial for employees that the client communicates his / her concerns clearly and openly to the employees. In three steps to your potential in the company: preliminary discussion to clarify the issue of test implementation, analysis / advice, interpretation discussion and feedback on results Contact: T

11 REGISTRATION FORM Please register by fax: or by post to: WIFI customer service, Währinger Gürtel 97, 1180 Vienna I make a binding registration for the following event (s): Booking no. / Title booking no. / Title booking no. / Title booking no. / Title Invoice is to be issued to: Private company (please fill in points 1 and 2) 1. PARTICIPANT 2. COMPANY DETAILS FoUAK (PLEASE ONLY ENTER ONE PERSON PER REGISTRATION): (NECESSARY IF THE COMPANY IS A CONTRACTUAL PARTNER): Last name Company name First name Akad Degree Contact person SVNR * Date of birth Place of birth Company address Private address Postcode / town Postcode / town Telephone (during the day) Telephone / mobile number (during the day) Fax -address -address Please fill in completely! We need your details for any queries or the issuance of certificates. * Usually required for cost estimates for AMS or funding agencies. Authorization to collect claims I / we hereby revocably authorize you to collect the payments to be made by me / us when they are due from my / our account by means of collection. This means that my / our account-holding bank is authorized to redeem the debits, although there is no obligation to redeem them, especially if my / our account does not have sufficient funds. I / we have the right to initiate the chargeback at my / our bank within 8 weeks from the date of the debit without giving reasons. Name and exact address of the debtor Account no. of the debtor with (exact name of the credit institution) bank code payment due to (reason for obligation, possible amount limit does not apply to the implementing credit institutions) To (payee) Chamber of Commerce Vienna / WIFI, Währinger Gürtel 97, 1180 Vienna Place, date Signature (s) of the (s) Authorized to sign accounts I accept the latest version of the General Terms and Conditions of WIFI Vienna (Please note that you will be charged the corresponding bank charges for a return debit! I would like partial payment: partial payment only possible with direct debit authorization and within the course duration. At least 2, maximum 15 monthly Partial amounts in the same amount. Examination costs are excluded from the partial payment. Date, signature The latest version of the General Terms and Conditions of WIFI Vienna and the WIFI Management Forum apply. The following is an excerpt from the terms and conditions: Cancellations: Cancellations can only be made on s be accepted in writing. If a participant is prevented from attending the event, cancellation can be made free of charge up to 14 calendar days before the start of the event (according to the receipt stamp). For cancellations received later than 14 calendar days before the start of the event, a cancellation fee of 50% must be charged. In the case of cancellations on the first day of the event or afterwards, the entire event fee is due, even if partial payments have been agreed. The cancellation fee does not apply if the participant nominates a substitute participant corresponding to the target group who visits the event and pays the participation fee. However, the original participant remains liable for the course costs. In the event of an unforeseen illness of the participant, a medical confirmation must be submitted later. Data protection: All personal details of the participants will be treated confidentially. The data will not be shared with third parties. By submitting the data, the participants or interested parties consent to personal data (first and last name, title, date of birth, SVNR, place of birth, company name, company address, telephone numbers, addresses, sending address or private address), which are transmitted electronically, by telephone, verbally, by fax or in writing, stored and used for the transmission of information. This also includes sending the newsletter to the announced address (es). In preparatory courses for the proficiency test or master craftsman examination, the participants agree that personal data (first and last name, title, SVNR, date of birth, place of birth, address, telephone numbers, addresses) may be transmitted to the master’s examination office of the Chamber of Commerce for the purpose of subsequent examination . If the personal data of the participants have changed or if they do not want to receive any further mailings from us, we ask for notification (in writing to www. Wifiwien.at/kontakt, by fax to or by phone at). The customer expressly consents to the electronic processing and transmission of his / her disclosed data for the purpose of credit checks in accordance with the applicable data protection law. Place of jurisdiction Vienna

12 Entrepreneur Program Autumn 2011/12 WIFI Vienna WIFI of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce at the wko campus wien Währinger Gürtel 97, 1180 Vienna T