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Where there are free corona rapid tests in Hamburg

Status: 04/14/2021 6:28 a.m.

Since March 8th, all Hamburg residents have been able to have a free rapid antigen test at least once a week. This is possible in many test centers, pharmacies and general practitioners' practices.

A number of test center operators and pharmacies have been carrying out a free rapid antigen test since Monday, March 8th. In addition, numerous general practitioners' practices have joined the Hamburg test strategy.

Map shows where corona tests are possible

The Senate has listed around 100 test centers and pharmacies on an interactive map that offer a quick test free of charge. The offers available in medical practices can be viewed and booked via the patient service page 116 117.

One free test per week

According to the social welfare authorities, the tests are free of charge for Hamburg residents and are made possible at least once a week. If you want to be tested in a test center, you have to register online beforehand via the respective websites of the providers. A list of the Hamburg social authorities with the corresponding internet addresses can be found here. However, some of the websites linked there have not yet been updated. Appointments for rapid tests in one of the general practitioners' practices can be made by calling 116 117 or online.

If the result is positive, PCR test

If the result is negative, this will be recorded in a certificate according to the social welfare authority. People whose rapid test shows a positive result are obliged to have a PCR test carried out immediately and to be in quarantine until the result is presented. If the PCR test is also positive, the health department will be informed by the laboratory.

Rapid tests for visits to the hairdresser

The rapid tests are also required in order to use a hairdressing salon or a foot care offer. This is one of the additional measures that the Senate has decided to contain the pandemic.

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