How effective is coffee on a hangover

With coffee and lemon against the hangover

For many people, the new year begins in the valley of pain: the stomach rebels, the skull pounds. A typical hangover, then. You only manage to get out of bed between the Philharmonic and ski jumpers - and spend the rest of the day lying horizontally on the couch.

What many do not know: Coffee with a dash of lemon can significantly shorten the period of suffering on January 1st. It is a kind of natural painkiller.

Caffeine, an important component of coffee, is also found in many pain relievers. The active ingredient prevents the production of an enzyme that is responsible for releasing prostaglandins. These tissue hormones trigger headaches. The lemon, in turn, supports the body's own pain relief. So much for the theory that you stumble across on the Internet. Of course, we don't want to give you such tips without trying it out ourselves. And I can say: “Zipresso” saved my day!

However, there is one big catch: the taste. Espresso with lemon really isn't for everyone. But if you can overcome yourself, you will receive a practical home remedy that makes even the worst hangover a little more bearable.

However, the best remedy for the hangover is still to drink less alcohol. Preferably none at all. Because you can also celebrate with a cup of hot coffee. And then you can also fully enjoy January 1st, 2016. 🙂

All the best and have a nice, successful and happy New Year,


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Christoph Regger

Christoph is responsible for J. Hornig's online marketing. If, for a change, he doesn't have a cappuccino in his hand, his smartphone is sure to be on the World Wide Web right now.