What are some free music search APIs

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15. Improve the sound quality with the equalizer

The Spotify app offers an integrated equalizer that can spice up the music significantly. You can find this in the application settings. Spotify advises you that the volume can be adjusted unexpectedly by the equalizer on some devices. If you are experiencing this type of problem, you should turn it off again. Of course, you can only use the equalizer when you are playing music. The intensity of the bass amplification and the surround sound can be changed here. At the top left you can access pre-programmed equalizer settings for the most varied of genres, which should bring the respective music to the fore. You can also use the movable points to play around with the power levels of the various frequency ranges yourself.

16. Take care of your privacy on Spotify

In the standard settings, at least your Facebook friends can see what you hear on Spotify. The prerequisite is that your friends are also logged into Spotify with their Facebook account. If you want complete privacy, you should readjust the Spotify settings. In Spotify for Windows this is done via "Edit -> Settings -> Social". There you deactivate all options under "Spotify", "Facebook" and "Last.fm". Private session: Under "Edit -> Settings -> Social -> Spotify" there is also the option "Private Session". It is used to temporarily deactivate all other "social" settings. After restarting the program or the app, Spotify resets this option. If you want to listen to yourself permanently, leave "Private Session" deactivated as well.

17. Spotify also offers a ton of interesting audio books

What many do not know: Spotify also offers a whole range of audio books - from stories suitable for children like "Die Drei ???", "TKKG" and "Bibi Blocksberg" to books for adults by authors like Hans Strunk or Christoph Maria Herbst. All available audio books can be found under the "Browse" tab in the "Genres and moods" section. A separate "Audiobooks" folder is now available here.

18. Find more music with parameters

Similar to Google's search, Spotify's search can process very useful parameters. If you type "year: 1970" into the search, Spotify will list all songs from that year. Other useful parameters are "album", "genre", "lable" and "isrc" (for International Standard Recording Code). Incidentally, several search words can be combined with "and", "or" and "not". A complete overview of all search parameters can be found here.

19. Control the Spotify app with the headphones

Anyone who has headphones including remote control can also control Spotify with them. One click starts playback, another pauses the current song. Two clicks jump to the next song. Three clicks should lead back to the previous song. At least that didn't work in our test with playlists in shuffle mode.

20. Sort songs within a playlist

At least in the Spotify program under Windows, the songs in a playlist can also be sorted manually. This is very easy to do by dragging and dropping the mouse. However, it no longer works if you have sorted the playlist according to a criterion such as "songs", "artist", "album" and so on. You can see which criterion is currently active by the green arrow next to the name. To get back to manual sorting mode, you have to click the arrow twice. The first time reverses the sorting, the second click deactivates the sorting according to this criterion.

21. Read artist biographies

If, in addition to the music, you are also interested in details about the lives of the artists, you can browse the biographies of many artists within the Spotify app. However, this feature is not available for all artists and bands. Type the name in the search bar, select the artist you want, and scroll down to the number of monthly listeners. Below you will find the biography - if available. Tap on the short paragraph to access the detailed variant.

22. Recognize music and save it in Spotify app

When you catch a song you like in the club, on the street or anywhere, the free Shazam app makes it easy to find out what the artist and the song are called. To do this, install the application on your smartphone and open it when you want to research the title of a song. Tap the Shazam logo in the middle and the app will determine which song it is. To listen to the found song in Spotify right away, then touch the "Listen in Spotify" option.

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