What is the resistance DC or AC

Multimeter 2-600 V AC / DC voltage / current / resistance / temperature HDT 64 480 138

for measuring voltage, resistance, frequency, capacitance, temperature - with 3½-digit LCD display Technical data: Measuring ranges: Voltage AC / DC: 2 V ... 600 V / 1 mV Tolerance: ± (1.5% +5 D) / ± (0.8% + 3 D) Current AC / DC: 200 mA, 10 A / 0.1, 10 mA Tolerance: ± (1.5% + 5 D) Resistance: 2 k ... 2? Temperature measurement: - 40 ° C ... 400 ° C Battery test: 1.5 V / 9 V Power supply: Battery: 9 V IEC 6LR61 Standards: DIN VDE 0411, EN 61010, IEC 61010, CAT III / 600 V Dimensions / weight incl . Protective rubber cover: 150 x 80 x 45mm 320 g

Notes on battery disposal:

Since our shipments may contain batteries and accumulators, we are obliged under the Battery Act (BattG) to inform you of the following:

  1. Batteries and rechargeable batteries may not be disposed of in the household waste; you are legally obliged to return used batteries and rechargeable batteries.
  2. Old batteries can contain pollutants which, if not properly stored or disposed of, can damage the environment or your health. However, batteries also contain important raw materials such as iron, zinc, manganese or nickel and can be recycled.
  3. You can either send the batteries back to us after use or return them free of charge in the immediate vicinity (e.g. in the trade or in communal collection points or in our warehouse).
  4. The sale in sales outlets is limited for end users to the usual quantities as well as those old batteries that the distributor carries or has carried as new batteries in its range.
  5. The symbol with the crossed-out garbage can means that batteries and rechargeable batteries are not allowed to be disposed of with household waste
Under these signs you will also find the following symbols with the following meanings:

  • Pb = battery contains more than 0.004 percent lead by mass
  • Cd = battery contains more than 0.002 percent by mass of cadmium
  • Hg = battery contains more than 0.0005 percent by mass of mercury