How do I improve my articulation

Articulation: How to improve your pronunciation

Practice your pronunciation


This is how you train your articulation in order to captivate, arouse curiosity and convince your audience in conversations, speeches and presentations.











Numerous areas of the human body are involved in the articulation of sounds, such as the tongue, lips, jaw, and soft palate. Words and sentences are formed using different sounds. The processes are complex, even if we usually don't think about them.

The sound formation is influenced by physical tension and breathing. In this way, the generated sounds also convey moods and emotions with the linguistic statement. This is why maintaining good articulation is so effective for expressive speaking.




How to practice your pronunciation


Skilful articulation is one of the essential prerequisites for an intelligible pronunciation. But not everyone has a trained speaking machine.

A typical example is the masticatory muscles. She shares responsibility for a good debate. Often, however, she is not very well trained because the muscles are not trained. In order to be able to articulate better, muscles must first be built.

Otherwise, a good mouth opening is essential for good articulation, especially for the clear formation of the individual vowels and consonants.




1. Familiarity exercise


Rehearse in front of a mirror, paying attention to the opening of your mouth. Use a voice recorder and analyze your pronunciation.




2. Cork exercise


If you think you are speaking indistinctly, fall back on the classic; the cork exercise. Put a cork between your teeth and start talking. If you can't think of anything, take a piece of text and read it out loud and clear.

Because you are speaking against resistance, it trains your masticatory muscles. Do this in small units of a maximum of 5 minutes, otherwise you will overwhelm the jaw muscles. It doesn't take long and stronger muscles lead to more expressive articulation.




3. Bring the articulation tools up to speed


You can awaken your articulation tools with these exercises:


  • yawning
  • gorilla
    Pat your chest with your palms for about 30 seconds. Let a strong "Uuuaaaaahhh" sound.
  • Jaw shaking
  • Fluttering lips
    Just like the coachman does.
  • Puff out lips
  • Tongue boxes