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On the way with the camera - animal worlds on the Middle Elbe

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Growing up in the floodplains between the rivers Mulde and Elbe, I learned to appreciate the natural biotopes at an early age. Led by my father and grandfather, I grew up in an ornithologist family and was thus infected by the "fascination of nature".
I don't take pictures just to take pictures. I'm not shooting. I think the most beautiful and diverse motifs can be found in nature. The world of nature photography is correspondingly diverse. When I'm outside, I get impressions that inspire and fascinate me. I use photography to make these impressions and experiences accessible to others, to point them out to the peculiarities of their surroundings, to arouse their attention, to stir up curiosity in them.

Photographs and text: Thomas Hinsche

Habitat large stream
Wildlife in the Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve

Published by the Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve
Introductory texts by Ernst Paul Dörfler

96 pages
143 color photographs
29.7 cm x 24 cm
24.80 EUR
ISBN 978-3-89923-353-7

Dear readers, dear viewers of this book. I wish you enjoyment, insights and prospects in your search for the fascination of nature on the great Elbe river.