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What are output devices?

From a PC point of view, an output device is a peripheral device for outputting computer data. Output is the process of transporting information from the CPU (Central Processing Unit) of the computer to the outside world. A distinction is made between devices for output on paper and for acoustic output as well as output on display devices. The most important output devices are screen (monitor) and printer.

What output devices are there?

There are now various types of output devices. The most important output devices of a computer are screen (monitor), printer and plotter (electromechanical device for drawing curves). Loudspeakers or headphones that are connected to the basic computer device or to the CD-ROM drive are also counted as output devices.

Apart from these special cases, a distinction is made among other things:

Devices for output on paper (also called hardcopy devices), e.g. printers, plotters,

Devices for acoustic output, e.g. loudspeakers, headphones,

Screen output devices (viewing devices), e.g. monitors, televisions, projectors.

The output signals are processed using drivers and plug-in cards. Examples are:

Printer driver for the printer,

Graphics card for the monitor,

Sound card for the speakers.