Why was the Pentium D processor discontinued

Intel discontinues Pentium D 830, 840, 930, 940

The Core 2 processors based on the new Core microarchitecture are on the market. So it is now time to drive back old product lines and create capacities for the new bolides, which are available for servers, workstations, desktops and notebooks.

As part of a customer announcement, Intel announced that the processors Pentium D 830 (3.0 GHz) and 840 (3.2 GHz) based on the Smithfield core manufactured in 90 nm will be discontinued and the last order on December 15, 2006 will be accepted. The particularly inexpensive Pentium D 805 and 820 (2.8 GHz) remain in the range.

The Pentium D 940 and 930 are also affected by the cleanup, although the 920 has already been discontinued indirectly through its list price. Pentium D 940 (3.2 GHz) and 930 (3.0 GHz) can also be ordered for the last time on December 15th. However, they will not be deleted without replacement: Pentium D 945 (3.4 GHz) and 925 (3.0 GHz) for 163 and 133 US dollars will replace them. However, like the already available Pentium D 915, these two CPUs lack support for the Vanderpool virtualization technology.

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