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Methods for time management in online trading

Which tasks do you approach and how?


At an online retailer, category C tasks are mostly in the back office and recur, so they are not one-off processes. These include, for example:


  • Create order documents
  • Check incoming payments
  • Overview of orders
  • Pick & pack packages
  • Create shipping notes
  • Send information to customers (tracking, invoice, ..)
  • Data collection for accounting


These types of processes do not ostensibly contribute to success, i.e. they do not affect the positioning on the market or a media presence. Tasks that have to be carried out for this are therefore assigned to category A, for which a strategy and long-term planning are necessary. Therefore, the processes of category C should be automated as far as possible, so that more time remains for the other areas that concern the development of the business, increasing awareness, positioning and much more.

It is therefore important to hand over such tasks. However, no additional staff has to be hired here, because there are many tools that take them off and do them automatically. For an online retailer, for example, that would be a ERP system, a merchandise management system or a tool for order processing. There you have to set and define which processes should run when and how, and then the system will work completely by itself.


In this way, the employees can devote themselves to other tasks. Here it makes sense to choose a tool with which a central system collects and manages all things, such as Billbee. The more different tools are used that only take on small parts, the more effort is put into keeping an overview.

In order to be able to run an online business successfully, a structure must be created that is simple and supports the effectiveness and efficiency of all employees as best as possible.