Should I join Amazon or Startup?

New portal: Find fellow campaigners for setting up a business or a business idea

The new internet portal offers exactly what many of our readers have always wanted: The simple search for possible business partners or employees for your own startup company.

Initiator Kai Lindemann gave us an interview about the background to his extremely interesting and helpful concept:

Future founders can present their business idea on your portal and look for capable colleagues. How does the community work for you, who can participate and are there any costs? is and will remain free and open to everyone with an interest in projects that aim to implement a business idea.

They can be idea generators, implementers or financiers. The former have the opportunity to present their idea in the form of a project page. There you can post a short description and advertise job offers or project events.

If this information has aroused the interest of an implementer or financier, he or she can join the project and thus has the opportunity to discuss its structure with all other project members within the project. In this way, a team can quickly find itself for the rocky road from the idea to implementation.

In addition, members of the entire community can network with one another and, as is usual in all communities, write private messages. This facilitates the formation of interest groups and paves the way for more comprehensive cooperation.

Don't you have to be “afraid” of revealing too much of your own idea that someone else might then implement?

This is a bit like fear in other areas of life: a healthy measure is always good, too much of it restricts your own possibilities.

Anyone looking for cooperation partners must take this risk. Otherwise there is nothing left but to implement / finance the idea on your own.

If there are no possibilities for this, it makes sense to register on By choosing the words for the brief description of the project, everyone has control over how much information they want to disclose. For example, a project with “development of an online financial service in the games sector” as a project description could be combined with job offers for “web developers, programmers and business administration students” and thus arouse interest in motivated community members without specific content.

As a source of ideas, you can also search for capable candidates for your own team. Each implementer should have a field filled with "skills" in their profile, which can be searched.

In interviews, however, one hears again and again from many now successful founders that, in retrospect, they would have better communicated their idea openly, because that is exactly what leads to an indispensable maturation process that ultimately makes the product better.

Your members are still manageable, but this factor is important for a functioning forum. We hope, of course, that numerous MeinStartup readers will take part. Nevertheless: How do you intend to find the other participants you need to get started?

Kai Lindemann from

I am currently looking for advertising partners in the start-up area who can target people who are interested in start-up projects. If someone feels addressed here, please contact me. Because YouStartup is not a mass-produced product like Facebook, Xing or LinkedIn.

It's about building a condensed pool of people who can be of real help to each other. Should the presence in the startup scene not suffice for this, public advertising measures are initially regional, later also nationwide conceivable.

For this, however, investors are required, who are difficult to convince with small numbers of members. This question does indeed determine the fate of the project.

We always ask about the origin of a business idea. How was it for you, how did you come up with a "business idea for business ideas"?

I was looking for a platform like YouStartup myself to find an interesting project that I could get involved in. But I just couldn't find anything that came close to what I imagined. Nowhere is there an opportunity to present start-up ideas to an interested pool of people and to prepare the most important step, team building, online.

This, together with technical interest, motivated me to create such a page. In addition, I had and still have the feeling that far too few ideas actually find implementation. Because if you ask around, there are millions of them.

Why do so few make it past the idea stage? Because it usually takes several people with different skills. It is impossible for them to find each other in a circle of friends, to be in the right phase of life for a start-up and then also to be able to agree on a common, successful concept.

So chance decides. And chance is pretty picky. So why not use the networking possibilities of the internet and thus give chance to the jumps?

Who is YouStartup and do you have any other projects?

Behind Youstartup is a 27-year-old biologist who is now studying for a Master of Science degree at the Humboldt University in Berlin and also works as a student assistant in the editorial department of the HU's “Service Center Research”.

In my spare time I am an avid glider pilot and, like most of my generation, pretty much computer savvy. What drives me are always the following questions: How does it work? And: can I do that too? That brought me a lot of basic knowledge in a wide variety of areas.

A broad overview is good for developing ideas, but it is usually not enough for implementation. This fact ultimately led to the development of YouStartup. But my biggest project is definitely the next university degree and then my professional orientation.

But maybe by then a lively startup community has formed that can make the next project attractive to me.

Thanks for reading through!


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