What is vegan mulch

Vegan baking - what do you use instead of milk and eggs?

Baking vegan - i.e. without egg, butter, milk, gelatine and cream - is not that complicated and even really tasty. Refraining from animal products does not have to mean renouncing enjoyment. Find out how to do it.

Baking vegan: How to replace animal baking ingredients

Admittedly: some vegan baked goods may really taste like little or just not taste as you are used to. Often they are just a lot more expensive than the non-vegan ones. But if you know how to properly replace eggs, butter, etc., you can easily bake your own vegan baked goods at home.

Unfortunately, it cannot always be avoided that some ingredients, such as almond milk, are a little more expensive. Homemade vegan baked goods are definitely cheaper than from the bakery. And the result tastes at least as good, if not better than some non-vegan baked goods. So be open to vegan ingredients and just try them out for your next baking project. Chocolate cake or pancakes, for example, can be easily prepared without animal ingredients.

Alternatives to cow's milk

It is best to replace conventional cow's milk with rice or almond milk. The light almond note of the almond milk goes particularly well with nut and caramel biscuits. When using the sweet milk substitute, however, be careful not to make the pastry too sweet. Rice milk is relatively tasteless and can therefore be used universally. You shouldn't use soy milk, even if it is of course vegan. The taste of soy milk is very special and many people - including vegans, by the way - do not particularly like it. If you want to replace buttermilk, just add a tenth of the apple cider vinegar to the plant-based milk.

Cream can also be easily replaced with oat, almond, rice or soy cream, and there are also vegan solutions for yoghurt, quark and cream cheese. By the way, vegan cream cheese is very suitable for cupcake frostings.

Bake without eggs: no problem with bananas and applesauce

Baking vegan is often difficult to imagine for non-vegans because they don't use eggs. There are egg substitute products on the market for this case, but a fluffy cake can be made even without egg or egg substitute powder, for example by cutting an egg through half a mashed, very ripe banana or 75 to 80 grams (3 Tablespoon) of applesauce. However, the taste of the banana is noticeable and should therefore go well with the pastry.

If you add applesauce, you may want to reduce the liquid in the recipe a little. Applesauce is very suitable for juicy muffins, but with hearty recipes it always makes the recipe a little sweeter than intended. Replacing with bananas or applesauce is only suitable if you want to replace fewer than four eggs, otherwise the taste of the egg substitute will be too strong.

Pureed tofu and flaxseed

Theoretically, eggs can also be replaced with about 75 milliliters of pureed tofu, preferably silken tofu, but here, as with milk substitutes, there is the problem with the strict inherent taste. To replace an egg, you can also use one tablespoon of soy flour mixed with two tablespoons of water. But this also has a stronger taste of its own.

Depending on the desired consistency of the baked goods, there are other solutions to replace an egg with other ingredients. For example, a baking powder, flour and oil mixture is suitable for baked goods that should be light and fluffy. To do this, mix two tablespoons of flour with one to two tablespoons of baking powder, two tablespoons of oil and two tablespoons of water.

For firmer baked goods such as cookies, you can mix one to two tablespoons of ground flaxseed with three tablespoons of water until the mixture is smooth. This method is particularly suitable for darker pastries or bread dough or for doughs where the color is not important. You can use either substitute product to replace one egg at a time.

Substitute for butter and gelatin

Butter in baking recipes can easily be replaced with pure vegetable margarine. Make sure that the margarine does not contain any whey or yogurt. Vegetable oils are also suitable, but they shouldn't have too much taste of their own.

There are also various plant-based alternatives for gelatine such as pectin or agar agar. You can find these in every well-stocked supermarket.

Baking without sugar: delicious alternatives

Because of its animal origin, honey is avoided by vegans. However, many vegans also do without normal sugar made from sugar beet or sugar cane, since animal charcoal can be used in the production of sugar. In addition, the possible sugar alternatives are healthier than industrial sugar.

For example, you can use sugar beet syrup, rice syrup, coconut blossom sugar, pureed dried fruit or agave syrup. When using them, keep in mind that the products have different degrees of sweetness. For example, instead of 100 grams of sugar, you only need 75 grams of agave syrup for the same sweetness. Rice syrup, on the other hand, is not as sweet as sugar and is especially suitable for those who are fructose intolerant and therefore cannot use agave syrup.

Important: also remember to reduce the liquids specified in the recipe according to the added syrup so that the mass does not become too runny overall.

Tips and tricks for vegan baking

If you are vegan baking, you should definitely only mix the dry ingredients such as flour, sugar, baking powder and cocoa first and only then add the moist ingredients such as margarine and vegetable milk. Otherwise there is a risk that the dough will become very firm because the baking powder will start to work before the cake is even in the oven.

It is best to mix the dry and liquid ingredients in different containers and then add the dry ingredients to the liquid ingredients. Of course, this does not only apply to vegan baking. However, if you replace dry ingredients with liquid ingredients in vegan baking or vice versa, you should pay particular attention.

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