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Hotmail login: This is how you log in or reset your password


For the Hotmail login you have to go to We'll show you how to log in and reset your password if necessary.

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Anyone looking for Hotmail these days will always end up with Microsoft's Outlook email service. The reason for this is that Hotmail ceased to exist in 2012. Outlook has taken its place and is therefore the official successor. So if you want to log in with your Hotmail account, visit "". In the following steps we will explain how to do this.

This is how you log in to Hotmail (Outlook)

Of course, you don't have to have an Outlook address to log in to, the old Hotmail addresses are still accepted. With the changeover in 2012, Microsoft gave users the freedom to give their email addresses a different ending. You can access the login page via the following link:

Here you go to the Hotmail / Outlook login

There were also Hotmail accounts with the extensions "@", "@", "@" and "@". You can also use these to log into, as Microsoft continues to support these endings.

First open the start page of now Outlook, formerly Hotmail. Now click on the "Register" button.

Now enter your "", "" or "" address and then click on "Next". Make sure that you enter your full email address.

In the next step you enter your password and click on "Next". If you are still looking for a secure password after creating an account, we have created a guide to a strong password for you in the linked article.

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