How does ISRO hire software engineers

What are the possibilities for an entry into Space Science & Exploration for software engineers [closed]

Ironically, I switched from aerospace to software / technology products mainly because there were more jobs, more opportunities to start / participate in startups, and the variety of opportunities from a sector perspective. If you are a seasoned software developer, there are MANY opportunities in the defense sector - just check out Lockheed's careers pages, etc. You would likely need to find something in your own country as most jobs require nationals security clearance. However, this shouldn't stop you from getting started working with commercial or open source SW products that the industry depends on.

Some things to investigate:

1.) Explore how you work with large amounts of data, trying to identify trends, predict failure modes, and examine the types of data space businesses are gathering. SpaceX collects tons of data in a single flight! What would you do with it, how would you analyze it? Find out which tools can help you with this. Knowing how to code, use APIs, and get systems to communicate with each other: all of the critical skills needed to support rocket scientists!

Look at things like ..

2.) Computer modeling and simulation: Computational Fluid Dynamics

Check out Anderson, Tannehill, and Pletcher's CFD and HT texts on CFD to keep track of things, then play with operating system tools like ...

I would start with this and figure out how you can help ISRO in Bangalore or supporting contractors on national missions.