Which crypto exchanges have a mobile app?

Crypto currency app - the best apps at a glance

Last updated & checked: 03/15/2021

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Anyone interested in buying cryptocurrency will first have to deal with the practical technical requirements that need to be met. As more and more investors manage their finances via smartphone, the question of a suitable cryptocurrency app also arises for trading crypto coins. It quickly turns out that there is no one app for all requirements. Purchasing and administration, portfolio management and trading are carried out using different apps.

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  • Wallet as an app for storage
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Cryptocurrency App: Different areas of application

Investors looking for an app for the best crypto currency usually want a compatible app for their mobile device that can be used to trade coins, but which also enables credit management. In fact, there are apps that can be downloaded for free from Google Play or the Apple Store. However, they often differ in terms of the range of functions. And in addition to the question of what a crypto currency app should be able to do, there is also the question of the security of the data.

A mobile app definitely has one advantage: you can use it to keep an eye on the current rates of your preferred coins and, under certain circumstances, to react quickly to changes in rates. Crypto trading on the smartphone or tablet is also possible while on the go.

What types of crypto apps are there?

Depending on what a cryptocurrency app is supposed to do, different software solutions can be defined for the mobile device: They are used for storage, trading or speculation.

The crypto wallet as a mobile app

A wallet is essential for managing cryptocurrencies. Often referred to as an electronic wallet, it is actually something like a key ring. Because the purchased coins are not in the wallet, but the private and public keys and the digital signature. The public key is the address, the "IBAN", of a crypto account, while private keys are access authorizations, so they are similar to a PIN. And the digital signature provides information about the account balance when payments are authorized. You need the three details if you want to pay, send or receive coins using a mobile device with cryptocurrencies.

An app on the smartphone seems a practical solution, but caution is advised here. Because every digital key ring with an internet connection can be the target of hacker attacks. This includes web wallets and mobile apps, but also the stationary software on the computer. The “hot wallets” should therefore only contain a small amount of credit. For the secure storage of larger amounts in crypto currency, experts recommend "cold wallets" without internet access - that is, storing the key codes on a USB stick or printing them out on paper.

Mobile wallets are available on Google Play for Android, but now also for Apple devices and even for some Windows Phones.

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Manage your crypto portfolio with mobile apps

Anyone who actively trades in physical cryptocoins not only wants to have an overview of the different cryptocurrencies of their own investment, but also wants to keep an eye on price developments for possible trades. This is what cryptocurrency apps do for portfolio management. Many of these apps are free to download and allow the monitoring of crypto coins on numerous exchanges, also with alarm functions. The performance of your own portfolio can be analyzed thanks to an overview of profits and losses.

Often, chart representations of the price development of a currency pair can be shown, which illustrate how two coins develop against each other or a crypto currency against a fiat currency. Some apps allow the entry of transactions made at the respective rate and, based on this, the evaluation of the development of the portfolio. And if several portfolios can be created and managed at the same time, different cryptocurrencies can be managed at the same time.

In the detailed view you can set which exchange pair the desired coin is or has been traded with. You can also have a graphical development curve displayed and you can use the Holding function to get an evaluation of your investment.

Trading apps for cryptocurrencies

An app for cryptocurrency trading can be used to physically buy cryptocurrencies. In this case, it is usually the mobile app of one of the larger crypto exchanges. The exchanges offer apps for buying cryptocurrency, which often also include portfolio management and wallet functionalities and are therefore real all-rounders. Anyone who uses the apps from Kraken, Binance or other large exchanges on their mobile device should, however, make sure that their own data is well protected - for example through strong encryption and possibly the use of a VPN tunnel to give hackers access to the crypto credit to refuse.

However, there are also trading apps that do not physically trade cryptocurrencies - meaning mobile apps for trading conventional financial instruments such as derivatives that map the price development of cryptocurrencies. They can be used to trade crypto coins without having to use blockchain-based technologies and apps. Trading in Contracts for Difference is particularly popular. CFDs are offered on the rates of the strongest cryptocurrencies according to market capitalization, including Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple, against a fiat currency or another coin.

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Best trading app: trade cryptocurrency with CFDs

CFDs are not offered on all crypto-coins, but more and more CFD brokers are adding at least the top ten digital currencies to their portfolios. The advantage of contracts for difference is that you do not buy the underlying asset with them, but only participate in its price development. This is not only possible on rising prices, traders can also use falling prices for their speculation.

The time for entry and exit is chosen flexibly, based on the company's own assessments of the market. And since CFDs are one of the leverage products, you can increase equity through a short-term loan from the broker. With crypto CFDs only doubled, with other asset classes such as currency pairs by a maximum of 1:30. This shows that traders with a manageable budget have good returns in CFD trading, while physical trading in cryptocurrency requires more capital - and is only profitable when prices rise.

Crypto currency app: how to get started with trading

Success in trading crypto CFDs, be it via a cryptocurrency app or on the computer, stands and falls with the selection of a suitable forex and CFD broker. The number of providers is already huge - and it continues to grow. A broker comparison makes it easier to get an overview and also enables beginners to recognize which providers are considered the best in this field and why.

A really recommendable broker must convince in the test in various areas. This includes licensing and regulation by a trustworthy tax authority and reputable deposit protection. Of course, the trading offer is also important - it should be broad enough, cover all important asset classes and also contain a certain selection of cryptocurrencies.

Even beginners must be able to understand the conditions of the broker well. Transparency is the key word, the trading costs are best listed on the provider's website and free of hidden fees that later cause displeasure - for example through high withdrawal fees.

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Crypto brokers score with training courses and customer service

If you are just starting to learn trading, you should also choose a broker who supports his traders in every way, not only with good conditions for beginners, but with training offers, a demo account and easily accessible, competent customer support as a contact.

Excellent, multimedia-based educational resources allow the best CFD brokers to gradually acquire important financial knowledge. Courses, e-books, webinars and training videos explain the basics of trading as well as how to use the software, analyze charts and the importance of risk management.

And with a free CFD demo account, users can practice their first crypto trades with CFDs without taking any risk. The demo as a realistic trading simulation enables trading with virtual capital and practicing the processes.

Mobile crypto trading app: it should be able to do that

In addition to the stationary or web-based trading platform, a mobile app has long been part of the equipment of most forex and CFD brokers. In the best case scenario, users do not have to make any compromises even on-the-go and can access the entire range of functions of the software.

Not only the overview of open positions is possible, but also the analysis, the use of the demo account and the training offers of the broker. Ease of use is particularly important when buying cryptocurrency on the mobile device so that the app can convince on the small screen. Navigation and input options should be adapted to the specifics of smartphones and tablets so that traders can place orders while on the go.

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Technical analysis also with the cryptocurrency app

In order for trading decisions to be made on the best possible basis and at the optimal time, traders must be able to evaluate the prices of their preferred cryptocurrencies using technical analysis, even when they are on the go. Here, too, in the best case scenario, the broker's training offer supports and introduces the basics of chart analysis.

Beginners learn how to use the various diagrams in the chart, which drawing tools and indicators are available, and how to make use of the timeframes. Anyone familiar with technical analysis can display patterns in the chart, from which trends can be read, and open their positions on this basis. It should already be possible to use the charts to the full extent in the demo account, because this way prospective traders learn to develop and improve their own strategies, manage risks and maintain equity.

Strategy development is one of the challenges that beginners in trading crypto CFDs must master. With a demo account, the first hurdles can be overcome better and without losses. The transition to real money trading can then take place as soon as you feel safe enough.

Mobile cryptocurrency app as a source of information

Another important function that a mobile cryptocurrency buy app should have is that of gathering information. Because traders not only react to price movements of selected coins, but also try to anticipate them based on knowledge of the markets and to increase their returns through this lead.

Many brokers try to provide their traders with the latest market news, often in the form of a live news feed. It should also be available in the mobile app. In addition, it is of course desirable that users can use the app to find out not only about the well-known, but also about lesser-known coins with potential.

Another form of information exchange is social trading. By linking trading with the functions of social media, participants in the network can follow the activities of other traders, copy strategies or portfolios and also make use of the opportunities for comment and communication. With the integration of social trading in a crypto currency app, you can increase your own learning curve and accelerate the path to successful crypto trading, based on the swarm intelligence of the community.

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Cryptocurrency app for mobile trading on most devices

In order for a mobile trading app for cryptocurrencies to be useful, it should run on your own device. That is why software installers and apps are usually offered for the common operating systems. Traders can use technically well-equipped crypto apps for iOS devices, but also for Android and Windows phones. A few brokers even provide versions for Blackberry devices.

In most cases, the app can be downloaded from the respective app store and is free of charge. In some cases the app is offered directly by the broker, then you usually have to change the device settings so that software from external sources is permitted. Whether from the store or externally, updates and bug fixes for mobile apps should always be carried out promptly. After all, there are often considerable amounts in the trading account that should be secured as well as possible.

An alternative to the mobile app, especially on tablets, are the web traders, which can also be used by most CFD brokers. Since you can call up the web-based trading platform on almost any browser and then log into your own user account, these solutions are particularly flexible. You can trade comfortably on a slightly larger tablet than on your home computer and you do not have to compromise on functionality or the quality of the display.

Conclusion: Best trading app for cryptocurrency makes it easier to access trading

A mobile cryptocurrency app can have various functions. If it is the mobile app of a crypto exchange, users can physically trade the coins of their choice with it. A crypto wallet is required to manage the keys that are used to manage funds and make payments. Some of these wallets are already suitable for everyday use and also allow you to pay for shopping with crypto coins. And there are good portfolio managers for crypto investments too.

Anyone who decides to trade in derivatives on digital currencies can use a broker's mobile app for crypto trading. The app gives you access to your own trading account and enables positions to be checked or orders to be placed on crypto derivatives on the go, just as conveniently as at home on the PC. The mobile app often gives access to current market news, educational resources and the broker's demo account and allows social trading to be integrated.

Such apps are part of the range of services of reputable forex and CFD brokers that enable trading in crypto via CFDs on the course of the course. In addition to an intuitive, powerful cryptocurrency app, the broker should also be able to convince with regard to its regulation, conditions and customer service. With the broker comparison and supplementary test reports, beginners can find the right broker the fastest way - and a good cryptocurrency trading app.

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  • Mini contracts: Yes
  • Crypto tradable: Yes
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