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WeWork share: Billion IPO is just around the corner

In addition to Lyft, Uber and Airbnb, another superlative IPO is likely to enrich Wall Street's listing this year. We're talking about WeWork, one of the fastest growing companies in the sharing economy.

WeWork arranges premises for young start-up companies, company founders, but now also for larger corporations. The new trend is called co-working. Companies sit table at table and work together - the shared workplace, so to speak.

This concept has several advantages for young companies. On the one hand, there are no expensive office rents, and on the other hand, the small companies do not have to be bound by long-term contracts. In addition, the young company founders can exchange ideas with other like-minded people. The exchange of experiences often allows many start-ups to advance faster.

WeWork IPO - What's behind the company?

For investors, WeWork is considered one of the hottest tech bets of the decade. A total of US $ 13 billion in venture capital has already flowed into WeWork, which was valued at around US $ 47 billion in the last financing round. WeWork is a New York company founded in 2010 by Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey. Actor Ashton Kutcher acts as a strategic partner.

WeWork creates working environments for startups, small companies, freelancers and company founders. The idea: By co-working, companies should not only save costs, but also work more productively. The company's brands include WeWork, WeWork Labs, WeLive, Rise by We, and WeGrow. The company now has more than 5,000 employees worldwide.

WeWork co-founder and company boss Adam Neumann announced at the beginning of 2019 that WeWork was ready for the IPO - a specific date has not yet been set.

WeWork in numbers

Like many fast-growing start-up companies (Uber, Lyft, etc.) in the sharing economy, WeWork is still in the red. Although WeWork was able to more than double its sales to US $ 1.82 billion in 2018, the company also posted losses of US $ 1.93 billion.

WeWork has offices in 99 cities around the world. In total, the company maintains more than 550 offices around the world, which are rented to appropriate members. The number of WeWork members adds up to around 400,000. WeWork recently stated the occupancy rate of its offices at 84%.

Conclusion: WeWork enriches the price list, but high risks await investors

WeWork sees itself more as a lifestyle platform that aims to bring companies and founders together in the world of work. The credo: The collective cooperation creates more value than an individual business.

Investors need to know that WeWork not only prepares and mediates workspaces for its customers, the company is also active as a social network thanks to the takeover of Meetup. WeWork also runs the Flatiron School, an educational institution for computer programmers. This also includes the WeGrow kindergarten division, which aims to prepare preschool children for life.

With the acquisition of Managed by Q for US $ 249 million, WeWork recently acquired an office service company to expand its business with large corporate customers.

The bottom line is that WeWork is another exciting, high-growth company that is going public. Nevertheless, the WeWork share is only interesting for speculatively oriented investors, as WeWork, like Uber, Lyft & Co, still writes very high losses.

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