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Beer Australia: Drinking Culture, Prices & Popular Types

Anyone who has never been to Australia and is about to leave is faced with an important question: what is it like? beerin Australia? Of course there is no way around forming your own opinion in this regard - and tastes are different. Nevertheless, there is a lot to report on this topic that will interest so many beer lovers and that can be presented objectively.


Drinking culture, prices & popular varieties

First and foremost, the Australians deserve praise for the fact that they actually take it very seriously to serve their favorite drink ice cold. It almost never happens that the beer is not at the perfect temperature and is therefore perfectly adapted to the Australian climate. If you order a can / bottle in a pub, you usually get an insulating beer cooler so that the drink stays cold for as long as possible.

But now to the less beautiful side of drinking beer down under. For some reason, many beers in Australia taste quite similar and are also very expensive. A single can with 375 ml content in the Liquor Store costs an average of a good 2.50 - 3 AUD. For a six-pack of average quality you have to pay at least 15-17 AUD. If you find a beer in Australia that has a special taste, it quickly costs 3 - 3.50 AUD (six-pack approx. 20 AUD). The best known Australian standard brands are Tooheys, VB, XXXX, Carlton Draft.

The more distinctive varieties include the naturally cloudy Coopers Pale Ale, the spicy Fat Yag, the distinctive James Squire, the excellent Little Creature and the popular Tasmanian products Cascade Premium & James Boag's Premium. If you have enough storage space during your trip and want to save a considerable amount of money in the long term, it is advisable to buy a whole box of your preferred brand. It is possible to save up to 50% of the price per bottle, depending on the offer and type.


German versus Australian beer

If you want to drink a local beer in Australia every now and then, this pleasure should not be withheld, as German beers are sold in almost all liquor stores. Brands such as Bitburger, Warsteiner, Krombacher or Becks are not difficult to find. Sometimes there are even special offers of German beers, which are cheaper than the Australian brewery. In the big cities or the well-known liquor store chains such as Dan Murphy's, it is the rule that low-cost German brands such as Hansa Pils or Oettinger are the cheapest product in the range (around AUD 30 for 24 0.33 liter bottles). Probably the best-known Australian cheap brew is available from the Emu brand and almost exclusively in Western Australia. Depending on the offer, it is possible to get a "slab of beer" (30 cans of 0.375 liters) for 30 dollars. Even if Emu Bitter / Export are drinkable ice cold, it is certainly not one of the higher quality taste experiences.



The average beer in Australia is usually of inferior quality than the average German beer, but can definitely be enjoyed ice cold. The higher quality Australian beers, on the other hand, can certainly compete in the Champions League of barley juice and do not have to hide in any way on the international market. If you add the great atmosphere and the great weather Down Under, the beer in Australia begins to taste really good even to a German connoisseur.

  • One should not be surprised that there are no alcoholic drinks to buy at city and street festivals, as drinking in public is prohibited (see alcohol and tobacco).
  • The Fosters, which are often available in supermarkets in Europe, is a typical export product and is not very popular on the 5th continent.

Popular beer & brewery tours

If you want to learn more about beer culture on the 5th continent and also get a good impression of the art of brewing, you can take part in one of the tours listed below and expand your wealth of experience in this regard. It is also possible to join a pub crawl and enjoy historical locations in a group experience. All offers can be booked online through us at the best prices.


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