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Administration of Cloud Control 13c with the command line is that possible?


1 Administration of Cloud Control 13c with the command line is that possible? Cornelia Heyde, Dresden

2 Agenda Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface on a client computer Cloud control users - administrators Agent installation methods Do you need properties? Are dynamic groups helpful to the DBA? Jobs with dynamic groups

3 Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface - EM CLI

4 Download EM CLI

5 Prepare installation client for Windows environment: C: \> set JAVA_HOME = C: \ Program Files \ Java \ jre1.8.0_72 C: \> set PATH =% JAVA_HOME% \ bin;% PATH% Installation: C: \ emcli> java -jar emclikit.jar -install_dir = c: \ emcli setup for administrator and registration with OMS (example with automatic login without password) C: \ emcli> emcli setup -url = -username = - trustall -autologin -dir = c: \ emcli

6 Status EM CLI overview - environment of the client c: \ emcli> emcli status Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 2 EM CLI. Copyright (c) 1996, 2016 Oracle Corporation and / or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Instance Home: C: \ emcli \ .emcli Verb Jars Home: C: \ emcli \ bindings \ \ .emcli Status: Configured EM CLI Home: c: \ emcli EM CLI Version: Java Home: C: \ Program Files \ Java \ jre1.8.0_72 Java Version: 1.8.0_72 Log file: C: \ emcli \ .emcli \ .emcli.log Log level: SEVERE EM URL: EM user: Auto login: true Trust all certificates: true

7 Registration and overview of the targets Registration: C: \ emcli> emcli login -username = sysman Show all agents emcli get_targets -targets = "oracle_emd" Status Status Target type Target name -ID 1 Started up oracle_emd : Agent not available oracle_emd : Up oracle_emd : show all database targets emcli get_targets -targets = "oracle_database" status status target type target name ID up oracle_database orcl1 up oracle_database orcl2 up oracle_database orcl3

8 administrators

9 Administrators Which administrators are there in Cloud Control? SYSMAN Repository Owner and Superadministartor Superadminstrators - can carry out almost all tasks Administrators for special tasks Standard installation - each administrator has a database account and password authentication User / password authorization Global roles Privileges for a special target (e.g. for database 159) Private roles

Create 10 administrators

11 Create administrators Create administrator: Super administrator emcli create_user -name = "demosuper" -password = "oracle_4u" -privilege = "super_user" Administrator (operator for all targets and the privilege to execute jobs) emcli create_user -name = "demoadmin" -password = "dresden" -roles = "public; em_user" -privilege = "operator_any_target" -privilege = "connect_any_view_target" -privilege = "create_job"

12 Overview of administrators and active sessions List administrators: emcli list -resource = "administrators" -columns = "user_name, user_description" USER_NAME USER_DESCRIPTION DEMOADMIN DEMOSUPER C1 test user SYSMAN CLOUD_SWLIB_USER Cloud Software Library User (Internal) Active sessions: emcli-list_active_sessions details Name Administrator Logged in from Session Login Time : 4889 SYSMAN 4AC2AAF8D0A: _Management_ F4E053E6C8A8C0 39: Service E6EA : 4889 DEMOADMIN: _Management_ 93E053E6C8A8C0 10: Service EF0F

13 New in 13c - administrative verbs Change database password and change the associated credentials emcli update_db_password -target_name = orcl1 -user_name = demo -change_at_target = yes Enter value for old_password: Enter value for new_password: Enter value for retype_new_password: Successfully submitted a job to change the password in Enterprise Manager and on the target database: "orcl1" Execute "emcli get_jobs -job_id = 4b3ea7df74926c13e053e6c8a8c06c63" to check the status of the job. Change account status (attention: user_name in capital letters!) Emcli update_db_account_status -target_name = orcl1 -user_name = dbsnmp -action = unlock - connect_as = "dbnamedcreds: nc_sys" Success !! Account status for DBSNMP has been updated.

14 New in 13c System Broadcast Broadcast to all or selected administrators emcli send_system_broadcast -messagetype = "info" -tooption = "all" -message = "restart 5 p.m." EM13c: How to Send a Broadcast message to EM Administrators in 13c Cloud Control ( Doc ID) More information and tips on the Command Line Interface in the documentation

15 Agent Installation

16 Variants of the Agent Installation Installation Agent with Gold Image (New in 13c) with the "Add Host Targets Wizard" with EM CLI Cloning Agent in silent mode Using the AgentPull Script Using the agentdeploy Script Using the RPM File Detailed information: EM Cloud Control Advanced Installation and Configuration Guide - Installing Oracle Management Agent in Silent Mode EM Cloud Control Basic Installation Guide - Installing Oracle Management Agents

17 New in 13c - Agent installation with Gold Image is based on Agent Lifecycle Management Manual patching, individual agents no longer need to be upgraded All agents have the same patch status, version and plugins Host Target Source Agent Create Versioning Active Version Deploy Agent Image Source Software Library Agent Image Version2 Agent Image Version1 Agent Image Current Version Host Target Gold Agent Image

18 New in 13c - Agent Installation with Gold Image How To Create a Gold Agent Image Using EMCLI in 13c Cloud Control (Doc ID)

19 Agent installation general overview Download emcli submit_add_host Download in directory transfer to the host

20 Agent installation emcli Which agent software is in the software library? emcli list_add_host_platforms -all platform id platform name 226 Linux x Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit) 23 Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-bit) [agent software not available] 46 Linux x86 [agent software not available] ... Installation from the software library for one or more hosts (example linux) (administrator must have created target host credential - NC host) emcli submit_add_host -host_names = "; " -platform = 226 -installation_base_dir = / u01 / app / oracle / agent12 -credential_name = nc_host -session_name = "demo"

21 Agent installation silent (1) Which agent software is in the software library? emcli get_supported_platforms Version = Platform = Linux x Download the agent software from the software library - (Linux) emcli get_agentimage -destination = c: \ temp \ agent132 -platform = "linux x86-64" -version = c: \ temp \ agent132 \ ...

22 Agent installation silent (2) Copy and unzip the file on the target host -rwxr-xr-x. 1 oracle oinstall Sep 30 16:19 agentcore.bin -r-xr-xr-x. 1 oracle oinstall Sep 30 16:19 -rw-rw-r--. 1 oracle oinstall 179 Sep 30 16:19 -r-xr-xr-x. 1 oracle oinstall 4161 Sep 30 16:19 agent.rsp drwxr-xr-x. 2 oracle oinstall 4096 Mar 20 12:34 plugins -rwxr-xr-x. 1 oracle oinstall 321 Mar 20 12:34 plugins.txt -r-xr-xr-x. 1 oracle oinstall Sep 30 16:19 unzip -r-xr-xr-x. 1 oracle oinstall Sep 30 16:19 zip Edit the file agent.rsp Install agent RESPONSE_FILE = /agent.rsp ...

23 Agent administration on remote hosts Start / stop the agents emcli stop_agent -agent_name = ": " -host_username = oracle -host_pwd = password emcli start_agent -agent_name = ": " -host_username = oracle -host_pwd = password Delete the agents with all targets emcli delete_target -name = ": " -type = "oracle_emd" -delete_monitored_targets -async

24 Target Properties

25 What are target properties? All targets in the EM have target properties: automatically filled in properties - e.g. Operating system changeable properties e.g. Department properties can e.g. can be used for: automatic assignment in groups division of responsibilities search for targets with selected properties e. E.g. on "All Targets" Properties can be created for all target types or only for selected target types.

26 List of default target properties emcli list_target_property_names Name Comment Contact Cost Center Customer Service Identifier Department Downtime Contact LifeCycle Status Line of Business Location Operating System Platform Site Target Version

27 Set value for Default Target Properties - graphical text fields without a value list

28 Which database target has which properties? - emcli selection with sql in emcli for a database emcli list -sql = "select t.target_name, t.target_type, d.property_display_name, p.property_value from mgmt \ $ target t, mgmt \ $ target_properties p, mgmt \ $ all_target_prop_defs d where t.target_guid = p.target_guid and p.property_name = d.property_name and p.property_value is not null and t.target_type in ('oracle_database', 'oracle_pdb') and t.target_name = 'orcl1' "; TARGET_NAME TARGET_TYPE PROPERTY_DISPLAY_NAME PROPERTY_VALUE orcl1 oracle_database Comment DEMO_DB orcl1 oracle_database Target Version orcl1 oracle_database Operating System Linux orcl1 oracle_database Platform x86_64 Rows: 4

29 Add new property the property project should be added for all targets in the cloud control emcli add_target_property -target_type = "*" -property = "project" control emcli list_target_property_names ... Location Operating System Platform Project Site Target Version Now "free" values ​​can be used (e.g. in different notations) for all properties. Note: The search query is case sensitive!

30 New in 13c - Create a value list (target_properties_master_list) for a property Activate the value list emcli use_target_properties_master_list -property_name = "project" -enable Target Properties Master list enabled for property: Fill project value list emcli add_to_target_properties_master_name = "project_property_name =" project_property_list -property_name = "project" "emcli add_to_target_properties_master_list -property_name =" project "-property_value =" ast "emcli add_to_target_properties_master_list -property_name =" project "-property_value =" sheet "

31 Check value lists Unfortunately, manually created properties are not available in every Cloud Control page. B. not on the "All Targets" page content list of values ​​emcli list_target_properties_master_list_values ​​-property_name = "project" Target Properties Master list of values ​​for property: project branch tree sheet

32 dynamic groups

33 groups in EM 13c groups (general) dynamic groups administrative group (only 1!) - manual addition of targets - privilege propagation (optional) - have their own properties - based on properties - privlege propagation (optional) - have no properties - auto -apply monitoring templates - based on properties - privlege propagation - have no properties

34 Properties of dynamic groups The organization of the targets in groups can simplify various tasks, e.g. the use of: Jobs Reports Templates RuleSets A dynamic group is only created once. based on target properties new targets are automatically added to the group when changes are made to the target, it is re-"sorted" after restructuring, only properties need to be adjusted, individual targets cannot be reassigned and cannot contain static, dynamic or administrative groups

35 Creating a dynamic group - graphically

36 Creating a dynamic group - graphically

37 Create dynamic group - add emcli property to a database (Demo_Gr2 property: Ast) emcli set_target_property_value -property_records = "orcl3: oracle_database: project: ast" Database was automatically added to the group emcli get_groups Target Name Target Type Demo_Gr1 group Demo_Gr2 group emcli_Gr2 group emcli -name = demo_gr1 Target Name Target Type orcl1 oracle_database orcl2 oracle_database emcli get_group_members -name = demo_gr2 Target Name Target Type orcl3 oracle_database

38 jobs

39 Overview of jobs in Cloud Control OMR Job System Scheduler Dispatcher Agent Scheduler in OMS determines the individual job steps and plans them in the system Database Scheduler (built-in) is used by the Management Repository and is independent of the Cloud Control Job System

40 graphically create jobs for databases

41 Creating jobs graphically for databases Jobs can only be executed for a group

42 Creating jobs with emcli for databases A little help at the beginning: Read out the property file of an existing job and edit it emcli describe_job -name = "sql_demo"> /home/oracle/propfile.txt vi> /home/oracle/propfile.txt ( Excerpt) name = sql_demo type = sqlscript owner = target_list = demo_gr2: composite cred.defaultdbcred. : oracle_database = named: sysman: nc_sys cred.defaulthostcred. : oracle_database =. Named: sysman variable large_sql_script = << multilinevalue select username, account_status, trunc (expiry_date-sysdate) days_of_expire from dba_users where username = 'dbsnmp' and expiry_date is not null; schedule.frequency = once ... run job once for a group emcli create_job -input_file = property_file: /home/oracle/propfile.txt

43 Create jobs with emcli for databases and then also in the schedule Execution graphic emcli get_jobs -name = "sql_demo%" Name Type Job ID Status ... Target Type Target Name SQL_DEMO SQLScript 4B521B46467B7840E053E6C8A8C0CCFC Succeeded oracle_database orcl3

44 Extending the schedule of the job from the property file /home/oracle/propfile.txt (excerpt) name = sql_demo2 ... schedule.frequency = repeat_by_hours schedule.starttime =: 00: 00 schedule.endtime =: 00: 00 schedule.interval = 1 schedule.timezone.region = europe / berlin ... and also as RMAN Script type = rmanscript ... # Description: (Required) Enter RMAN commands or a fully qualified script name on the remote hosts, for example, variable.rman_perl_script = backup database; EM12c: How to Create Jobs With a Repeating Schedule Using Emcli? (Doc ID)

45 Summary properties, dynamic groups and jobs orcl1 Location Dresden Comment DEMO_DB Target Version Operating System Linux Platform x86_64 Project Tree orcl2 Target Version Operating System Linux Platform x86_64 Project Tree orcl3 Comment SECURITY Target Version Operating System Linux Platform x86_64 Project Ast Demo_Gr1 (Tree) Demo_Gr2 ( Ast) JOB: Backup Database1 Job: Backup2 SQL_DEMO

46 Cornelia Heyde Senior Lecturer Telephone: Questions?